Summer Lovin’

File Sep 07, 2 02 34 PMJust got back from a much needed summer vacation. A few days off to check emails, relax, read my favorite book[1], float in the lake and, of course, drink wine[2]. I brought my computer with the intention of blogging lakeside, but alas, I was far too busy lounging to even crack it open. I think that’s probably a good thing.

Coming home is always a drag, but knowing that a bottle of Whispering Angel was waiting for me made it a bit better. Husband and I eased back to reality with a game of 500 Rummy and this lovely drop.

Countdown is on till the next vacation…I just have to figure out where we’re going and when!

To:                   Alleged Blog Readers
From:              WineEsquire
Date:               September 7, 2015
Wine:              2014 Whispering Angel Rosé
File Sep 07, 6 09 31 PMA fragrant Rosé to be sure, I get lots of watermelon on the nose. The color of the wine is subtle and feminine, a pale peachy pink. Gorgeous to look at, and drink. Definitely not a sweet Rosé, which made Husband happy[3]. I tend to think of Rosés as very light, but I would call this medium bodied, with a thicker texture than I’m used to. Husband thought it was earthy and I taste pineapple. Go figure. Lovely and light, a perfect way to transition back to #lawyerlife.

Wine Dossier
Whispering Angel hails from Caves D’Esclans, nestled in the “heart of
File Sep 07, 7 31 21 PMProvence” between Cannes and St. Tropez[4]; it’s named for the two cherubs which grace the altar of the Whispering Angel chapel on the grounds of Château D’Esclans. The wine is a blend of several grapes grown on the property, Grenache, Rolle[5] and Cinsault,[6] all of which are harvested only from sunrise to noon in order to avoid the strongest heat of the day. The chateau is run by Sacha Lichine who has been in the industry since his childhood. Now a négociant,[7] Whispering Angel is one of his better-known offerings. He acquired the chateau in 2006 and offers several other Roses and a syrah merlot red blend.

This retails for between $19 and $22. At this price, it’s not a Rosé I’m going to buy on a weekly basis, but I can tell you it will be in my summer Rosé rotation going forward.


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] To Kill a Mockingbird.File Sep 07, 6 13 46 PM
[2] We had several enjoyable bottles including a white I’d never tried, the 2014 Mendoza Station Torrontes from Argentina. At $5.99 this was the win of the trip. I was going to blog about it, but, see comments, supra, I was very busy.
[3] Ever since I dragged him to La Nuit En Rose earlier this summer, he’s basically sworn off Rosé because he thinks he overloaded. Clearly that did not happen to me. #RoséAllDay
[4] Pronounced Saan Tro-pay. Listen to Emma say it here.
[5] Or Vermentino, as it’s known in Italy.
[6] Described by one blogger as the “Posh Spice of Forgotten Grapes”. Posh is my favorite Spice Girl. By default, Cinsault is my new favorite grape.
[7] Wikipedia explains it best. A négociant is the French term for a wine merchant who assembles the produce of smaller growers and winemakers and sells the result under its own name.

What’s the Matter with Oregon?


I’m sure there’s nothing actually the matter with Oregon, it’s just a bit surprising that I can’t seem to find any good Oregonian wine. Everyone raves about how its great wine country, the photos are beautiful and I really want to jump on the bandwagon, but sadly I’m missing the boat. I admit I’ve been biased against Oregon for several years. It was Valentine’s Day circa 2009 when Husband and I ordered a bottle of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, paid through the nose[1], and ended up seriously disappointed. It’s literally been years since I ventured there again, but since I’m now a serious wino wine blogger, it’s prFile Sep 02, 8 38 31 PMetty lame that the only domestic wines I drink are from California.

So there I was in the package store and I see another bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir. Regularly $18.99, on speci
al for $12.99[2]. It was also from Willamette Valley but I thought, “Hey, I’ll give it a shot.” Well, it tastes the same as I remember. Tinny, metallic and dirty. Blech.

So here’s what I need from you, Alleged Blog Readers. Send me suggestions on delicious and affordable wines from Oregon and I’ll give them a go!

Cheers to wine friends and the promise of better wine to come!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] It was Valentine’s Day so of course it was nice and pricey, but it was the type of restaurant that should have had a good wine list.
[2] It’s their “Grand Opening Sale” so I was thinking it was a good deal, not, this wine suck so lets mark it down. Let’s hope that was not the case since I literally bought a case of other “Grand Opening Sale” wines. Feck.