Wine News Roundup

Hello and welcome to your monthly selection of wine world goings ons[1]. You’re now ready for tonight’s cocktail party or the small talk that’s bound to happen in the office on Monday. You’re welcome.

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Gratuitous wine shot (c) Wine Esquire
  1. New Wine Bar Opens in NYC. Is this really news? Maybe not, but this looks like one of the best wine drinking locations ever[2], and I plan on checking out City Vineyard as soon as possible. So whether you’re a native New Yorker or you’re heading there for vacation, you should probably hit this place up and tag me in your wine selfie.
  2. Wine Thieves. I’m very much into not being a criminal[3], but I guess if I HAD to take a stroll down lawbreaker lane, I’d probably go in the direction of the villains who stole more than $200,000 worth of wine from two Barolo wineries…I mean, if I HAD to, ya know?
  3. Make Wine in Under an Hour. Traditionally, wine takes a while to make. We’re talking several weeks to months just to ferment, then months or years of barrel or bottle aging. By the time it’s done, it will likely be years before it makes its way into your glass. Well, scientists have discovered a way to make wine in about an hour. For now, it’s really just a science experiment, but who knows, maybe we’ll be making #instawine in the kitchen someday soon.
  4. Wine Vocabulary Lesson. Here’s the top ten wine words you need to know for your next cocktail party. #AlltheTannins
  5. Wine is Cheapest on Tuesdays. Timing is everything when it comes to most things in life. These researchers found out that weekends are the most expensive time to do just about everything[4]. And Tuesdays is the best time to buy your wine, which works out perfect for the #Under25Challenge[5].
(c) Forbes
(c) Forbes

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Going ons? Goings ons? #grammar
[2] Hello sunset skyline wine shots!

[3] Hence the whole lawyer thing.
[4] Noooo, really?
[5] Next #Under25Challenge is TUESDAY, August 16. See you there.

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Book of the Month Club …. and Wine

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to tell you about Book of the Month Club! I did Birch Box when it first came out, and I’ve tried one or two wine clubs before[1], but I just discovered Book of the Month club and it’s AMAZING[2].

File Jul 27, 7 54 01 PM
Perfect for the beach

My first box just came and not only did I get a new hardcover, it was full of swag: an awesome tote bag, some super trendy white shades and most importantly, a handy dandy straw[3]. Can’t wait to start my new book, Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel … while sipping on some wine, of course.

File Jul 20, 7 34 09 PM

The history of Book of the Month Club is also very cool. Lately it seems that there’s a new club or fad coming out every day, but this was actually started in 1926 by Harry Scherman, a copyrighter for the J. Walter Thompson ad agency[4] in New York City. The premise hasn’t changed since the start, and each month new release books are shipped to members. In 1936 they selected Gone With the Wind by then-unknown author, Margaret Mitchell. Needless to say, that worked out well for everybody[5]. Scherman felt that he didn’t need to pick famous works because the sheer number of club members would be enough to jump start sales.

File Jul 20, 7 33 52 PM

Today, five new releases are chosen each month by a panel of judges. You go in, pick from the choices, and voilà, they send you your new book.

File Jul 20, 7 34 29 PM

You may want to try it out. Just saying. If you sign up using this link and the code REFER50, you’ll get 50% off your first three month membership. That’s about $30 for 3 months…not a bad deal, especially given that a new hardcover will run you wayyy more than $10.

And just for the record[6], this is not a sponsored post, I’m genuinely excited about this[7] and want to share with you!

Until the next glass book, cheers!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Obviously.
[2] Yes, I’m a #booknerd.
[3] For all my wine sipping needs.
[4] One of the original Mad Men.
[5] Well fiddle dee dee!
[6] #lawyerlife
[7] #nerdlife

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Riesling Is a Viable Option

I’m usually not a big Riesling drinker. Maybe if someone is serving it with dessert I’ll have a small glass, but it’s not something I buy. It was always one of those wines that left a bad taste in my mind. I remember having it one night in college[1], and since my college budget didn’t allow for me to buy anything except a sugary bottle of what could only be called Riesling-esque juice, I wound up hungover not feeling well the next morning and swore it off for good.

Until, that is, I heard that it may be good with spicy foods[2]. And after having that sweet, delicious experience, it made me consider trying more of this lovely grape. So when I walked into one of my favorite wine shops last week and my best good wine friend mentioned a unique Riesling I might enjoy, I decided to give it another swirl.File Jul 22, 9 08 04 PM

Tasting Memo: 2015 Dönnhoff Riesling Trocken

Melon and honey on the nose. Wow. A lot of body; a great, full mouthfeel. I get the faintest fizzy pop of carbonation, not full blown bubbles, but just a hint[3]. It’s quite refreshing. Maybe a bit of green apple on the finish with a touch of a dry bite. Fruity without being sweet. A wonderfully delicious treat. I sipped on this without any food[4], and it was great on its own. I could also see pairing this with some apple slices slathered in Brie[5]. Yum. Goodbye to my Riesling prejudice, I think I’m officially a convert!

File Jul 22, 9 07 52 PMThe producer of this bottle is the highly esteemed Dönnhoff family who has been producing wine in the Nahe wine region of Germany for more than 200 years[6]. The estate is now run by father and son duo, Helmut and Cornelius. Their Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc grapes are grown on twenty five sloping, hilly hectares in Oberhausen an der Nahe, a teenytiny wine growing village about an hour southwest of Frankfurt.

(c) Weingutt Dönnhoff

As of 2013 there were a grand total of 379 full time residents in Oberhausen an der Nahe, the Dönnhoff family presumably being several of them. Eighty percent of their vines are Riesling, and this bottle was the Trocken, or dry offering. Made from 100% Riesling grapes, it was fermented in a mix of stainless steel and large German oak barrels.

File Jul 22, 9 07 34 PM

This may not be the easiest wine to find, but it is available throughout the US for, you guessed it, under $25 a bottle (this was my selection for the July edition of the #Under25Challenge[7]). I’d highly suggest trying to get your hands on some whether you’re a Riesling fan or even if you’re on the fence. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Salem liked it, so will you!
Salem liked it, so will you! #catlady

Until the next glass, cheers!

Lawyer Footnotes

[1] In my college quest to be, or at least appear to be, classy. Sometimes. #collegelife
[2] Thanks to my friends at Cutruzzola Vineyards.
[3] The winery calls this a “tingling minerality.”
[4] Don’t ask me why, this is very unlike me.
[5] Because how else does one eat apples?
[6] By the way, this place is going on the Wine Bucket List. It looks simply stunning.

(c) Weingutt Dönnhoff

[7] If you haven’t jumped on the #Under25Challenge bandwagon yet, you’re missing out on some fun. Find a new wine store, ask for a recommendation for their best bottle $25 or under, then open it up with us on Twitter. Check it out next month, August 16 at 8 pm EST. See you then!

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Liquid Courage and Provisions from the Wise Old Dog

Libras and Rosé

You may have seen this floating around already, but when Husband found it and read what our astrological signs say about our drinking habits, it was really, really, really on point. Like ridiculously on point. So I had to share.


Wine Esquire is a Libra. Represented by the scales of justice[1], I’m a perfect mix of balanced indecision[2]. Husband is a Taurus, perfectly in tune with his inner romantic bull. Thrillist totally pegged my affinity for day drinking “crisp rosé in a sunny sidewalk café[3],” and Husband’s uncanny ability to “casually toss back four or five Scotches[4] (neat, no ice) in the time it takes a normal person to down half a beer.” It is laughably accurate.


Haven’t checked it out yet? Have a look and let me know if it was accurate for you too!


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Hello #lawyerlife
[2] The biggest and most important question is usually “Red or white?” Either way, the answer is always correct.
[3] Hello #RoséAllDay!
[4] Or Onyx Moonshine Secret Stash.

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