A Great Red Blend. It Was Meant to Be.

On my way to work today I realized that this blog was truly meant to be. I’ve been working at The Firm since I was a law student. When I first started, I worked at a “workstation” outside the big Partner’s office. I graduated to a “workstation” at the bottom of the basement stairs, and eventually I got an office with a door and everything. Office Number One was small, but they had it painted for me[1] and I quickly made it my own. When a much larger[2] office was made available on the second floor, I jumped and started packing my files. Not only do I have a Queen Elizabeth waving balcony directly behind my desk, the desk came with a few choice accoutrements left from the previous attorney. These included the usual things like left over paperclips, forgotten business cards, some post it notes, a needle and thread, but most importantly, a cork screw. Who has a cork screw in their desk?[3] It was a match made in lawyer/wino heaven.

IMG_5318This wine needs a little history before I get into how it tastes. Saturday night, Husband and I joined some friends to attend a swanky black tie fundraiser Downtown. A good excuse to get dressed up is just what I needed. We spent the night bidding,[4] drinking and laughing. The wine was flowing and I was feeling nice when we left the soiree. Fast forward to two bars on the way home[5] and we’re back in Fundraiser Friend’s driveway heading in for *one more*. Fundraiser Friend brings out an amazingly beautiful bottle of a California blend. Fast forward an hour and he’s sending us home with an unopened bottle for me to review on my Wine Blog. We brought this to another Friend’s house on Sunday[6] where we more carefully sip its fruity goodness. Monday night we found ourselves back with Fundraiser Friends, you guessed it, drinking another bottle. So in the past three days, I’ve had this wine three times. It must have been meant to be.[7]
To:                  Alleged Blog Readers
From:             WineEsquire
Date:               March 30, 2015
Wine:              2012 Treana Red Review
Note:               Review based mostly on the second time I drank this wine.
To start, this was a beautiful bottle.[8] This may have influenced my expectations of this wine, and happily, I was not disappointed. Pouring it into our glasses, we experienced its deep garnet color. When we swirled, it produced nice, even, thin legs around the glass. At one point I looked down at my hands and it looked as though I’d been coloring with a black marker. IMG_5341Turns out the cork had a thick inky residue which transferred easily to the fingers.[9] The bouquet on the wine was fragrant and beautiful with spicy hints of fruit and oak on the nose. I sipped a mouthful of big, fruity wine with lots of dark cherries. Full bodied with a fairly dry finish. Bowling with Children Friend got blackberries. Husband said he tasted some nuttiness. It paired well with our host’s chili and was a very enjoyable drinking wine. Cheers to the same wine three days in a row! I’ll certainly seek this out again[10] and would highly recommend you do too!

Wine Dossier
The Treana is made by Hope Family Wines, a family owned and operated vineyard that’s been making wine in Paso Robles, California for more than thirty years. It’s a red blend made up of 70% cabernet sauvignon and 30% Syrah. I was actually just reading about blends. It turns out that winemakers not only blend different grape varietals together, they also take the same grape, age it differently, i.e. some in oak and some from stainless steel, and blend them back together. Winemaking in general is a fascinating process. I’d love to delve deeper someday! Cheers!

Lawyer FootnotesIMG_5328
[1] Tuscan Tan walls with Cabernet trim, obviously.
[2] Read: Prestigious.
[3] This girl does.
[4] And thankfully getting outbid. Almost had a legit heart attack.
[5] One was closed so we only actually imbibed at one…
[6] We’ll call them Bowling with Children Friends.
[7] It’s been a great three days, but I am ready for the weekend.
[8] I am a sucker for beautiful bottles and beautiful labels.
[9] This ink got all over Fundraiser Friend’s hand on night 3, so it wasn’t just this bottle. Something similar also happened to this guy. He hypothesized it may have been because it was kept in the cold for an extended period of time. These bottles were brought out of Fundraiser Friend’s cold garage, so maybe that was why? Regardless, the wine was untainted.
[10] Though maybe I’ll wait a few days in between.

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