Au Revoir à Summer

File Sep 22, 6 19 17 PMIt’s been a really long time since my last post. I’ve done so many things and drank some great wine, but alas, I found no time to write. Today will be my last post of the summer, for tomorrow, Fall is here. Where did it go? It feels like just yesterday I was getting ready to #RoséAllDay and sit out by our new pool! It’s like I blinked andFile Sep 22, 6 18 59 PM lickety-split, it’s cold again.

Not that I don’t love the fall[1], it’s just that summer is so vibrant and warm. To be fair, it was an incredible summer. I slurped and spit at my first official wine tasting, went on a Rosé yacht cruise in NYC, had beach days galore, participated in fashion week, “ran” in a wine marathon, and drank so many good wines. I really can’t complain.

File Sep 22, 6 37 07 PMSpeaking of fashion week. It was epic. The Rosé was divine, the food was delightful, Younger Sissy and I met some new friends[2], and we saw a legit New York Fashion Week fashion show. I may have heckled the models after two hours of Rosé drinking, but it was only to tell them how beautiful they looked[3]…that’s ok right? For a few brief moments I thought about changing career paths[4]…but 3 large slices of pizza and a pair of $3 flip flops later[5], reality set in and I returned to Lawyer Life. An adventure to be sure. Thanks again to Nuit Rose for inviting me!

Onto the last wine of the summer!

To:                   Alleged Blog Readers
From:              WineEsquire
Date:               September 22, 2015
Wine:              2014 Bougrier Vouvray
File Sep 22, 6 50 09 PMThis is actually a wine I opened on Saturday. When I opened it, it was light, fresh, and perfect for a bit of pre-gaming before we went to an event. I remember notes of orange on the nose. That being said, I was leery about how it would be today. It held up surprisingly well[6]. On the sweeter side with a hint of minerality on the finish. Green grass on the nose, and a tinge of peach when I swirl. A perfect wine to sit and sip as we wave adieu to summer 2015. Until next year!

Wine Dossier

This is another Bougrier Famille wine, and, like the last one I had, this also took a bit of wine label deciphering. It appears that Bougrier Famille partnered with Domaine Toussaint, another producer in France’s Loire Valley[7] to release this white wine. The bottle gives no indication of what varietals were used, noting only that it is “white Loire wine,” but other information I found through The Goo
says it’s 100% chenin blanc[8]. A fair value at about $15 a bottle.


Lawyer FootnotesFile Sep 22, 6 34 01 PM
[1] It’s actually my favorite season. #foliage
[2] Jessica!
[3] I think I mistook their pouting faces, oh so skinny limbs and hollowed cheeks as a cry for help, or at least a cry for a cheeseburger. In reality, strutting down that runway with no bra and no smile was probably their dream come true. #success
[4] I’m pretty sure I had the walk down pat.
[5] Thinking that since I was going to fashion week, I would have to dress the part, I wore high heels. To New York City. Where I would have to walk around. For extended periods of time. Big Mistake.
[6] It was well sealed in the fridge.
[7] Loire Valley is officially on my Wine Bucket List.
[8] Another discovery I made this summer. Excellent grape!