What’s On NYC: Pinknic Edition

If you’re in the greater NYC area next weekend, July 9 and 10, come join me and a few thousand of my friends for Pinknic, a #RoséAllDay music festival on Governor’s Island[1]. There will be pink blankets, picnic baskets, a Ferris Wheel[2], ferry rides, ice cream, music and of course, Rosé.

File Jul 04, 10 08 29 AM
P.S. How awesome are these graphics by MCKENZIEJAYNE?!

Ticket price includes a ferry over to the island and access to all the fun. Live music will be going all weekend featuring Claptone, Miami Horror, Tortured Soul, Tube & Berger, and Slow Hands.

If you’re going, hit me up – we’ll take a #RoséSelfie together[3]!

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Graphic by M C K E N Z I E J A Y N E


See you there!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Governor’s Island was bought in 1637 by the Dutch West India Company by its Native American inhabitants for “two ax heads, a string of beads, and a handful of nails.” In 1664 it was captured by the English; #Merica took it over in 1776. Definitely looking forward to exploring the history on the island.
[2] Did you know the Ferris wheel is named after George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. He built the first one in 1893 for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. #historybuff
[3] Actually, I don’t really like selfies, but I’m going to bring my #selfistick just in case.

File Jul 04, 10 09 02 AM
Graphic by M C K E N Z I E J A Y N E


¡Think Pink! Dining Out on the Upper East Side

Boqueria UES[1]

I love it when dining out is truly an experience; one of those memorable events that sticks with you for a while. Well, that’s what my #squad and I had when we went to Boqueria. Let me set the scene for you: it was a typical Friday afternoon in NYC.[2] We strolled off our yacht, the one where we sailed around the Statute of Liberty while we drank Rosé, then we took a walk through Greenwich Village. File Jun 12, 10 45 37 AM

We hopped on the subway and voyaged to the Upper East Side where we took a break for some ice coffee[3]. Before you know it, we were seated outside at Boqueria, on literally one of the top ten days of the year. The sun was slowly setting, the breeze was blowing and the temperature was absolutely perfect.[4]
Boqueria is a Spanish tapas and wine bar with several locations around NYC and Washington DC. This funky little spot had a few tables outside, and inside was a mix of high tops, low tops and a great bar; toward the back you can sit at a counter overlooking the kitchen.

We opted for the fresh air[5] and people watching. Our waiter Freddy came over and got us going with some food and Kieran helped us out with the wine. They’re featuring a host of interesting Rosés at the moment, and we started with Bodegas Los Bermejos Lanzarote Listán Rosado 2015, a bottle from the Canary Islands[6]. File Jun 27, 9 48 51 PM

Kieran explained how the volcanic soil makes the vines work super hard, and the resulting wine is well worth the effort. You could actually smell the salty sea air on the nose; it was slightly effervescent with a definite minerality. A beautiful light pink, very beachy. Perfect with our first round of heaven, I mean food.

File Jun 27, 9 48 40 PM

The tapas were On Point. Dates stuffed with almonds and Valdeón blue cheese, wrapped in bacon. Yes. Tabla de Quesos y Embutidos[7] with  Manchego, Caña de Cabra, Jamón Serrano, and Chorizo Ibérico served with olives, pan con tomate and raisin walnut bread. Yes. Seafood paella with shrimp, claims and a creamy aioli. Yes. Grilled seasonal vegetables with a hazelnut romesco sauce[8]. Yes. Quail Egg flat bread with caramelized onions. Yes. Yes. Yesssssss. File Jun 27, 9 47 43 PM

We were livin’ large[9].

File Jun 27, 9 48 29 PM

Mid way through our tapas, Kieran came over with a set of porrons, a traditional Spanish wine pourer made of glass, filled with the 2015 Liquid Geography Rosado. To drink from the porron you use the tiny spout to pour it into your mouth. The goal is to get it as far from your mouth as possible. Kieran was a pro and showed us the ropes; we all took a turn, but we were not so skilled. It turned into quite the spectacle. The rosé was great, a bit fruitier than the first, but still light and crisp, not too sweet. We may have cheated and poured the rest of the wine into our glasses after our porron pouring adventure…

Of course, the evening wouldn’t have been complete without dessert. And another bottle of wine. Even though we were all stuffed to the gills and ready for a nap. Making the extra effort was a well-made decision. For the wine, we imbibed some Ameztoi Rubentis Rosé. Kieran instructed us that the proper pour had to start wayyyyy up there in order to get the full experience. File Jun 27, 9 50 49 PM

He was right. The high pour got the wine aerated and the fizzy bubbles poppin’. Though it wasn’t a full blown sparkling, the natural fermentation results in a fizzy bubbles that’s refreshingly fun. A touch sweeter than the previous two wines, with a hint of something citrus; perfect for our last sweet course. File Jun 27, 9 47 55 PM
For dessert, an order of traditional churros, followed by an order with Nutella[10], Arroz con Leche[11] and a Turrón[12] did the trick. When we were finished drinking and gorging snacking, Freddy and Kieran rolled us out into the night and we made our way back toward Greenwich Village.

Seriously this place was amazing. The tapas were great for sharing; we all left fully sated and satisfied. It definitely wasn’t one of those places where you’re still hungry at the end. If you find yourself wandering around the Upper East Side with a sudden craving for tapas and Rosé, you’ve found your destination[13].


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] For you non-New Yorkers, UES stands for Upper East Side. I had to Google it too.
[2] I’m being facetious when I say typical. This was anything but typical. I’m open to making this typical. #yachtlife
[3] Because it turns out that sailing around drinking rosé can make you tired. #thestruggle
[4] We took #RoséAllDay to a whole new level today.
[5] See weather notes, supra.
[6] Who knew they made wine?
[7] This means meat and cheese plate for the table. #translator
[8] I could NOT place the hazelnut flavor on my own, but as soon as Freddy said it, it was so obvious. What a flavor experience!
[9] In the words of younger sissy: “If I were walking by, I’d be jealous of us.” So modest. But so true.
[10] Because how do you choose between those two?
[11] Rice Pudding.
[12] Almond and hazelnut cake served with dulce de leche ice cream, topped with honey and Chantilly cream. Mmmmm, yes.
[13] Turns out they deliver too. And they’ll throw in free churros if you order from Caviar or Postmates. What?! Do you know how lucky you people are to live in New York? Food like this is hard to come by where I come from!
[14] Note: My meal was graciously comped by Boqueria. My opinion is entirely my own.

Rosé On a Boat


I’m pretty sure that Rosé Cruises are the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I found myself aboard not one but two boats in Greenwich last weekend and another in NYC yesterday. I don’t know if #CharmedLife is really an appropriate hashtag, but the past two weekends have been spectacular.File Jun 12, 11 19 43 AM

Last weekend’s boat jaunt took me and some friends around the Greenwich Harbor with 90+ Cellars. The weather was epic, the wine was divine and the houses along the waterway were seriously out of this world. 90+ has quite a few Rosé options available at the moment, a Sancerre, a Cotes du Provence, Lot 33 from Languedoc, Rose de Pinot Noir by Earthshaker and of course, the new big thing, Lila Rosé in a can. We’re talking about some seriously affordable Rosé people, and they’re widely distributed so, unless you really live in the boondocks, you should be able to grab yourself a few bottles, er, cans.File Jun 12, 10 58 30 AM

The second boat I hopped on wasn’t part of the day’s planned itinerary, but sometimes you just have to walk onto a 101-foot yacht and request to take some photos[1]. You may just get a glass of champagne out of it …

Thanks Mr. P.File Jun 12, 10 31 47 AMFile Jun 12, 10 58 57 AM

Yesterday’s Rosé cruise was the much anticipated La Nuit en Rosé which took us around the Hudson River’s Upper Bay. We cruised past New York’s iconic skyline, the Freedom Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, and then finally, Lady Liberty herself, all while sipping on the loveliest of Rosés. File Jun 12, 10 45 37 AMWhispering Angel, Bernard Magrez, #rosesvp and Chandon all made an appearance. The weather was gorgeous, if not a bit breezy[2]; the weather gods have certainly been smiling upon me[3]. If you’re in the NYC area and missed out again, you need to examine what you’re doing with your life and make sure you get onboard next year!File Jun 12, 10 59 58 AM

I don’t have any boat cruises planned for next weekend, so if you know of any, or if you have a seaworthy boat, let me know. I’ll bring the rosé!

File Jun 12, 10 47 10 AMUntil the next glass, Cheers!

Lawyer Footnote
[1] No trespassing sign notwithstanding. Note I am not recommending that you break the law. But, I’m also not your lawyer. #LegalDisclaimer
[2] Taking a page out of the Queen’s book, weighted hemlines may have been a good idea. #FlyingDresses
[3] Many thanks, Universe.File Jun 12, 10 59 41 AM

Rosé All Day at #NYFW

File Sep 10, 8 02 13 PMSurprising as it may be to hear, I am not a fashionista. I do my best to wear as much black as possible on a weekly basis[1], maybe throwing in a pair of red heels here, a bubble necklace there. I like to keep it simple. All those fashion bloggers out there are way cooler than me and they all have the uncanny ability to make all their wacky clothes look good[2]. When I got an email inviting me to go to New York Fashion Week, I was surprised at how excited I was[3]. Not only is it a fashion show, it’s a fashion show/Rosé party with Nuit en Rosé. Holla. I’m probably going to meet Taylor Swift because she’s very fashionable and lives in NYC, so it makes sense that she would be there.

Tickets are still available if you care to join me. And Taylor.


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] The uniform of female lawyers.
[2] i.e. high-waisted shorts and fringe. I mean, seriously, what normal people look good wearing fringe??
[3] I’m going to be the frumpiest one there. But whatever. #yolo