Celebration! A Tale of Great Wine, Tupac, the Magna Carta and a Great Haircut

There are so many things to celebrate today. First, yesterday was the 800th Anniversary of the sealing[1] of the Magna Carta. This was the document that declared that no man was above the law, including the King[2]. It also paved the way for the right to trial by a jury of your peers, and hence the proliferation of the IMG_6952practice of law[3]. My friend Wills and I both celebrated this momentous occasion, in our own ways of course.[4] Second, there was a Tupac medley on the radio because today would have been his 44th birthday[5]. Third, I opened up a bottle of wine without having high hopes and it turned out to be awesome, see Wine Review, infra. Fourth, I had a seriously productive day in the office[6]. Fifth, I just got the best haircut of my life.[7]

Life is good.
To:                  Alleged Blog Readers
From:             WineEsquire
Date:              June 16, 2015
Wine:             2012 Gabbiano Solatìo
The nose on this is complex and dense with hints of leather and wood; you can tell it’s full of flavor. A deep crimson blood color with some pretty thick legs. There are definitely tannins at work and it has a fairly drawn out and dry finish. It’s medium-bodied but gives your mouth a healthy coating of deliciousness. It absolutely explodes with a healthy bite of asiago cheese[8].

Wine Dossier
It is believed that construction of Casetello di Gabbiano began in the eleventh century, and by the twelfth century, wine production was in full swing.[9] Located in the “heart of Chianti,” it now boasts a beautiful hotel where wine tours and cooking classes are offered.[10] Wine production of eight different labels continues on roughly 3,770 acres of vines. The image of the knight on the coat of arms harkens back to the Gabbiano Knight or “Cavaliere” that once protected the castle.

The Solatìo[11] is a “new entry to the family,” and is a blend of 50% Syrah, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Sangiovese. I would classify this as a “Super Tuscan” even though this is not an officially recognized category. A Super Tuscan is essentially a red blend made from grapes grown in the Italian region known as Tuscany. This wine can also be categorized as a Chianti because it was made with grapes grown within Chianti.[12]

This is widely available for between $8 and $13, so run out and grab a bottle to celebrate everything that’s wonderful in your life![13]

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] It was sealed with the royal wax seal, not signed. Royals have official wax stamps while we mere mortals have to sign things. #royals
[2] Cheers to my friend OnAFullStomach who skooled me last night on my IMG_6938Federalist wine Instagram post about how the Federalists used the circumstances surrounding the sealing of the Magna Carta as an argument against the creation of a Bill of Rights.
[3] #lawyerlife
[4] Wills’ celebration involved a fancy affair that he went to with his Gran. Mine obviously involved wine.
[5] California looooveeee.
[6] #billablehours
[7] Shout out to my girl Chloe who introduced me to this place. I would tag the salon but they DON’T HAVE A WEBSITE!? How is that possible?
[8] #cheesefordinner
[9] Talk about old vines.
[10] Sign me up!
[11] Translation: “sunny”.
[12] No, Chianti is not a grape varietal, but rather a region within Tuscany (Tuscany is a region within Italy). Kinda like Connecticut is a state within the region known as New England.
[13] If you feel you don’t have anything wonderful to celebrate, you can at least celebrate the fact that this wine is great and super affordable! Cheers!