Cutting Down The Tree #LikeABoss

File Nov 28, 4 46 10 PMThe day after Thanksgiving is usually one spent in pajamas, eating leftovers, drinking more wine, and of course, shopping for things we don’t need. You know, normal American things. And usually the day after Thanksgiving is pretty cold, because you know, it’s the end of November. Well this year, the day after Thanksgiving it was a balmy 61°, so we took full advantage of the beautiful weather and like REI told us to do, we opted to go outside[1]. This was the first year I participated in actually cutting down a Christmas Tree[2]. I don’t think there’s any reason to do it any other way going forward. If you haven’t done it yet, find a local farm and get out there! They give you a saw and point you in the right direction. They even have a handy little cart if you don’t want to carry it out. An awesome experience, and totally worth the bit of extra effort.

With the unseasonably warm weather we decided to go home, put up the tree, File Nov 28, 5 40 20 PMthen open a bottle of wine[3] and enjoy it on the front porch. Given the weather conditions, I went with a Napa Petite Sirah. Since we were able to experience what it feels like celebrating the holidays in warm weather, I figured we’d drink some warmer climate wine. While this heat wave was nice while it lasted, and very pleasant while we were walking around the farm looking for a tree, I wouldn’t want to miss out on the wintery snow that’s coming our way…I can’t believe I just said that. But it’s true. #NewEnglanderForLife

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From:              WineEsquire
Date:               November 28, 2015
Wine:              2011 Madrigal Family Winery Petite Sirah
The wine itself was very nice. It poured out an inky, silky, deep plum color. File Nov 28, 5 27 32 PMOak on the nose with lots of jam. I got some smoky oak with notes of leathery tobacco. A fruity spice finish that was oh so lovely. Crazy legs that really ran down the glass as I swirled. Made by the Madrigal Family Winery in Napa, the winery is now run by the founder’s grandson. It seems like wine families really know how to keep it together and pass on their craft through the generations. Cheers to them!

This was another LastBottle selection I picked up for $15[4]. It retails online for between $20 and $30, but even at those prices I’d recommend giving it a try[5].

File Nov 28, 5 22 31 PMOn a side note, full time Christmas music has commenced in my life. It truly
makes me warm and fuzzy. Even cleaning the house is fun when Michael Bublé is crooning carols in the background. Cheers to everyone making a Christmas album at some point[6]. Keep ‘em coming!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] #optoutside
[2] And by participate, I mean I pointed and said “That one looks good.”
[3] Surprise, surprise.
[4] These bottles just keep on performing! Haven’t signed up yet? Get on it, here.
[5] #winning
[6] Some of my favorites are here, here and of course, here. You’re welcome. Also, here. Little Drummer Boy on Repeat. What.File Nov 28, 4 47 25 PM

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  1. I have absolutely had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit with the warm weather. But now I feel I should grab a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and listen to Christmas music! Well written, fun read.

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