Friday Filing

Well, this was quite a week, jam packed with lots of events, client meetings, my Stella & Dot wineIMG_8180 and jewelry party and three real estate closings today alone! No time for blogging! This weekend should be full of fun wine adventures as I venture to one of the most amazing restaurants I’ve ever been to, Cav in Providence, as part of my annual girl’s weekend getaway. Super excited! Monday afternoon I’m speaking as a lawyer lady/wine guru at an Extracurricular at a local winery, so look for a post[1] on that.

I realized I never posted my thoughts on the excellent Merlot[2] Husband and I had last weekend, so here you go!

What are you drinking this weekend??
To:                  Alleged Blog Readers
From:             WineEsquire
Date:               August 9, 2015
Wine:              2010 Burgess Merlot
The scintillating aroma of this wine greeted me immediately when I extracted the cork. I leaned into it took a sniff and said “This is going to be good.” I was right. The nose has a musty sweetness, almost like a whisky, full of rich flavors. The first sip is soft and silky. The sweet nose transcends into a spicy mouthful, pairing perfectly with our gourmet feast of pepperoni pizza[3]. I’d say this was IMG_8184medium-bodied, on the lighter side for a Merlot, though if you read my blog, you know I rarely drink them.[4] I get a deep fruitiness, almost like a rich raspberry jam, though it’s definitely not fruit forward. As it’s been open for about an hour now, the spicy notes are almost gone and the soft silky jam lingers deliciously in my mouth. I’m a very happy camper. What more could you ask for on a lazy Sunday besides good pizza and great wine?

Wine Dossier
This is the only signed bottle of wine I’ve ever had. While I don’t think the signature added anything to the character of the wine, it’s pretty cool to think that the winemaker not only had a hand in designing what’s inside, but he also signed the bottle. I bought two bottles back in March and gave one to my Father for his birthday.[5] It came recommended by my trusty Wine Friend who told me IMG_8186that the owner had recently been in from California and signed a case of bottles for the store.

Burgess Cellars has been operating since 1972, growing wine in three distinct vineyards in Napa Valley. This bottle came from Merlot grapes grown on their Triere Estate Vineyard in the Oak Knoll District AVA. Wine Enthusiast rated this vintage 90 points and says the going rate is $30 a bottle. I can tell you I did not pay that much or else I wouldn’t have bought two. I think they were running a special for $18 a bottle, but my memory could be wrong.

A very enjoyable bottle of wine, I would not hesitate to recommend you try this with your next pepperoni pizza[6].


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Or at least a good Instagram.
[2] For the geeks and nerds who care about this stuff, I did some Googling research about whether varietal names should be capitalized. At first I had merlot all lowercase but it didn’t sit right with me. Here’s some information from someone who did a lot more research than me. The New York Times apparently doesn’t capitalize them, though there are exceptions, but I’m going to make my own rules because I think it looks better when they’re capitalized. #nerdIMG_8185
[3] Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, this was the first of five days in the last seven that I had pepperoni pizza. #DietstartsMonday #yearight
[4] When Husband and I first got into wine a few years ago, Merlot was our go to, but then I discovered Cab and I haven’t looked back.
[5] He’s a big Merlot fan and is convinced that Cabernet gives him a headache. I had someone yesterday telling me that Merlot gives them a headache so they only drink Cab. #itsallinyourhead
[6] It would also go well with a more sophisticated meal, like a nice steak or pasta with a good red sauce.