Gon’ Camping

I would like to nominate myself for the Wife Of The Year Award[1]. Why, you ask? Because I’ve agreed to go camping with Husband. In a tent. Where there’s no cell phone service. Or showers.

Yes, I know, I’ve totally lost it, but I’m going to try and stay positive.

Maybe my tent will look like this. #LawofAttraction (c) Ark PP

And I’m bringing wine. Lots of wine.File Jan 31, 10 06 50 AM

Since we’ll be in a technology dead zone, I’m signing off for about 48 hours. Hopefully I return in one piece[2].

Any suggestions for how to survive in the wilderness are most welcome! See you on the flipside!


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] If this award doesn’t exist, I’m going to start it. I’ll be the first winner.
[2] If I see a bear, I’m not supposed to run, but how do you not run!?

9 thoughts on “Gon’ Camping

  1. oh you DEFINITELY run if you see a bear, don’t listen to any of those folks.
    Black bears might run if you stand tall and be loud, other bears will just mess you up if you lie and pretend to be dead.

  2. Bear advice: you don’t need to be faster than the bear, you just need to be faster than the husband…

    If it’s cool, put on clean, dry socks (and any other clothing) just before you go to bed. Even if the clothes you wore during the day feel dry, they are not. You’ll sleep warmer and will be a happy camper in the morning!

  3. ha! yes DONT run from the bear! They like that! Stand tall! :o) I actually love camping! Although never stayed in a tent that looks like the one above. Have fun and get one with nature!

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