Today was hot.[1] I’m very grateful[2] that I’m a female and can get away with not wearing full suits with ties every day, especially on days when we hit the mid-90s. Just walking around with a suit jacket on is torture, I can’t imagine having a tie wrapped around my neck too! Sorry guys!

IMG_7858I came home tonight and had to finish drafting a motion and get it filed on my own[3], with a glass of wine of course. I’m very fortunate to have the Best Paralegal in the World[4], but its times like these, when I have to do something on my own[5], that I truly appreciate her and all that she does. I’d be lost without her![6]

To:                   Alleged Blog Readers
From:              WineEsquire
Date:               July 29, 2015
Wine:              2013 Chateau de la Tour de L’Ange Macon-Villages
Tastes like a chardonnay. Oaky on the nose with a slightly citrus taste. I’m not the world’s biggest chardonnay fan, but this is pleasantly refreshing.[7] It’s on the lighter side with a fairly short finish, nothing overly complex going on IMG_7791here. This was an impulse buy on Friday night’s wino shopping spree; I was looking for something I’d never tried before in the budget price point and this fit the bill. While it got the job done tonight[8], I can’t say I’m going to run out and buy this again. If you’re a poor law student, or a poor associate for that matter, who likes Chardonnay, this is better than Tisdale, so give it a shot! Actually, I just realized this was $14.98, and I think that’s way too much for this bottle. Disregard, go back to Tisdale!

Wine Dossier
This is one of those French bottles with lots of words on the label so you can’t actually tell what type of wine you’re drinking or who made it unless you’re a genius or you use The Google. You’ll be happy to know that Wine Esquire is getting good at identifying wines. It turns out that “Macon Villages” is not the varietal, but rather a region[9], and this was in fact a chardonnay![10] Can’t find much on Chateau de la Tour de L’Ange, but it seems to be imported by Amathus Wines whose website indicates the Chateau is in Charnay-Lès-Mâcon, in France. Macon-Villages is part of the Mâconnais district in Burgundy, France and is a designation reserved for white wines from the region. As of 2010, Mâconnais covered approximately 17,280 acres and produced 45.7 million bottles that year. That’s a lot of wine.

Even though the wine was a bit of a dud, I’m still grateful that I was able to enjoy this lovely evening! Cheers!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Seems to be a consistent theme lately.
[2] What are you grateful for? #gratitude #lawofattraction
[3] Because I waited till the last minute and the filing deadline was midnight. #slacker
[4] For real, no lie, I seriously win. She’s the best.
[5] I use the term “on my own” loosely since she gave me step by step instructions on how to do it. Thanks JD!
[6] #grateful
[7] It’s also 10:26 p.m. and its 84° in Casa De Wine Esquire, so I’m pretty sure anything that’s slightly chilled is going to refresh me.
[8] The job being filling my glass with something cold.
[9] I had a feeling.
[10] Score!