Indian & Riesling: Wining & Dining 101

Ever find yourself at an Indian Restaurant without any idea of what you should have to drink[1]? This is a constant problem for me[2]. Red wine seems too heavy; something about the exotic flavors just doesn’t fit with my usual go-to beverage. Beer, ehh, I guess it could work, if beer is your thing[3]. Hot tea is also an option, but if you’re having spicy food, then it’s really not ideal. You’ll be glad to know I just found the perfect solution to this conundrum. The answer is Riesling! You’re welcome.File Jul 04, 8 19 40 AM

A nice Riesling in my book is light and only slightly sweet. I’m not advocating for a full on sugar rush with your spicy Indian dinner. The one I had from Cutruzzola Vineyards was just that; light, crisp with only a hint of sugar on the finish, and it was ever so slightly effervescent. The feeling of bubbles coated my tongue as I swirled it in my mouth, but disappeared as I swallowed. Really cool sensation. Deep gold, an absolutely beautiful hue.

The crisp white wine perfectly balanced out the heat in my Husband’s Chicken Tikka Masala,[4] instantly cooling the whizz bang of the spicy chicken and rice. This was a particularly spicy dish, even for me. Husband and I are spicy fiends; I’m always up for trying a new hot sauce and adding a bit of red pepper to my food. At the new Indian place we tried last weekend, I ordered Chicken Vindaloo and Husband had the Tikka Masala[5]. Our waiter asked if we wanted spicy and we both nodded enthusiastically. Then he proceeded to ask what degree of spice we wanted: Spicy, American Spicy or Indian Spicy? We both went with American Spicy, but I’m convinced they made my Indian Spicy. Because, WHOA. After my first bite, the sweat immediately started forming and tears poured out of my eyes. But I kept going[6]. Obviously.

File Jul 04, 8 15 42 AMWe ate leftovers the next day and I’ll admit I didn’t go back to the Vindaloo, but the Tikka Masala was excellent. Especially with the Riesling. Good luck with your next helping of American Spicy my friends. Now at least you know what you should be drinking!File Jul 04, 8 16 09 AM

Hit me up in the comments: What’s your favorite Indian food and what do you drink with it?

Until the next glass, Cheers!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Ordering foods you’ve never had before may also be a problem. Trust me when I say everything on the menu is delicious. You can pretty much order anything and it’ll taste amazing. Assuming you’re somewhere that makes good food.
[2] By constant, I mean the few times a year I eat Indian food.
[3] Which, in case you haven’t noticed, is not my thing.
[4] My Chicken Vindaloo was also good, but it was actually WAY too spicy.
[5] This is not a food blog, regardless of how much food I eat when I drink wine, and something about big piles of chicken, sauce and rice just weren’t doin’ if for me, so I saved you from the gross food photos. Again, you’re welcome.
[6] Like the champ I am.