La Nuit en Rosé

By now you should know I love Rosé. I am an avid and enthusiastic participant supporter of #RoséSeason. I love days where I just #Rosé

Next month I’ll be attending La Nuit en Rose[1], “[t]he World’s First Food & Wine Festival Dedicated to Rosé Wine.” It’s on a yacht. And there’s going to be Rosé. Lots of it. All day[2]. Sounds like an event right up my alley.

For those Firm Administrators[3] looking for a swanky event to take the Summer Associates to, or for Partners looking to play hooky on a beautiful summer day, this is seriously the way to go.[4]

Want to join me? Ticket info is available on their website.[5] I’ll be wearing a pink dress.[6] See you there!


IMG_5957Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Directly translated as “Night in Rosé”
[2] And night.
[3] Or those associates tasked with organizing fun firm events. #SocialCoordinator.
[4] Nobody really wants to go to a baseball game, especially when a Rosé yacht cruise is an option!
[5] Hurry though, tickets are selling out!
[6] Note: So will everyone else.