Libras and Rosé

You may have seen this floating around already, but when Husband found it and read what our astrological signs say about our drinking habits, it was really, really, really on point. Like ridiculously on point. So I had to share.


Wine Esquire is a Libra. Represented by the scales of justice[1], I’m a perfect mix of balanced indecision[2]. Husband is a Taurus, perfectly in tune with his inner romantic bull. Thrillist totally pegged my affinity for day drinking “crisp rosé in a sunny sidewalk café[3],” and Husband’s uncanny ability to “casually toss back four or five Scotches[4] (neat, no ice) in the time it takes a normal person to down half a beer.” It is laughably accurate.


Haven’t checked it out yet? Have a look and let me know if it was accurate for you too!


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Hello #lawyerlife
[2] The biggest and most important question is usually “Red or white?” Either way, the answer is always correct.
[3] Hello #RoséAllDay!
[4] Or Onyx Moonshine Secret Stash.

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2 thoughts on “Libras and Rosé

  1. Hello Wine Esquire (Extraordinaire!)

    I certainly enjoy the writing style and “feel” of your blog. It feels like I’ve been invited to a friend’s house for great music, engaging conversation and a myriad of imbibes of the finest delicacies for my palate.
    Thank you for sharing.

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