Lofty Goals: A Dynamic Pinot

Setting goals is the key to success.[1] In law school, I was on top of my goal setting game. Get good grades. Get multiple job offers. Pass the bar exam. Check. Check. Check. Now that I’m in real life lawyer-land, setting goals has slipped down on my priority list, even though I know how good it is for me. The day to day “stuff” gets in the way so easily, but last week, I took some time to write some goals.[2] One of my goals was that the Universe would send me some wine to review on my blog.[3]

Ask and ye shall receive.

FullSizeRender8I’m toiling working away at my desk one evening last week when one of the partners buzzes me about a hearing he needs me to cover the following day. I trudge head down to his office to retrieve said file and I spy a bottle of wine on his credenza. I found this unusual because this was not a Wine-Drinking Partner[4], this was Coors Light-Drinking Partner.[5] I asked him what he was doing with the bottle of wine and it turns out a client[6] had given it to him for a job well done.[7] He said I could have it since he knows I love wine.

Free wine. Check.[8]
To:                  Alleged Blog Readers
From:             WineEsquire
Date:               May 6, 2015
Wine:              2013 Orogeny Pinot Noir Review _________________________________________________
The nose on this wine is amazing. It certainly doesn’t remind me of a typical, light Pinot Noir. It’s pungent and thick with strong notes of spicy tobacco. Even a little licorice and anise. While it’s definitely on the lighter side, this wine packs a powerful punch. It leaves a thin coating of deliciousness throughout the mouth. I’m having trouble identifying what exactly it is I taste[9], but it is very, very smooth, like liquid velvet. No dryness whatsoever; my mouth feels moist[10] and soft after imbibing.  The color is gorgeous, almost a clear ruby red.[11] IMG_5932

Wine Dossier
I was surprised to find I haven’t reviewed a Pinot Noir yet. Pinot used to be[12] my go-to wine. It’s rare that I encountered a bad Pinot, always so light and drinkable; it was always[13] a good bet. Then my taste buds starting evolving changing and I found that Pinots were getting a bit boring. I suppose I’ve been on a Pinot hiatus, but when this free Pinot presented itself, I had no problem checking out what the Wine Gods had in store for me.

The name Pinot Noir is French[14] and based on the words for pine (pin) and black (noir). It’s successfully grown all over the world and as it turns out, is heavily used in the production of Champagne.[15] For being so typically light and drinkable, it’s surprising that it’s apparently difficult to transform into wine because of its tight, pine cone-like bunch structure.

The producer, Orogeny Vineyards, delivered this wine in a nice, heavy bottle with a thick foil seal encapsulating the cork.  The label tells me that the name comes from the Greek terms “oro” (mountain) and “geny” (earth). It goes on to say that “Orogeny is the process during which the collisions and separations of the earth’s crust form mountains. The last orogenic episode in Sonoma County created the Russian River Valley,” the source of their grapes.[16] Online this seems to retail in the $25-$35 range. While I don’t regularly purchase wines in the higher end of this price point, it was wonderfully enjoyable. For poor young lawyers in the throes of law school debt repayment, you really can’t afford this. Higher ups on the legal food chain should definitely give it a try. Personally, I prefer that people give it to me for free. Cheers!

IMG_5939Lawyer Footnotes
[1] I’m sure a life coach has said that before and I’m sure I’ve read it somewhere, but right now, that’s just coming straight from me.
[2] And cleaned out the heinous junk drawer in my desk. I feel like a new woman. Paperclips, rubber bands, pens and corkscrew, all in their proper place. It’s a beautiful thing.
[3] Another goal was that I have 50 blog followers. If you haven’t signed up for email updates, now would be a good time to do so! Up and over to the right. The box that says “Follow WineEsquire”. Enter email. Click Subscribe. There you go.
[4] There are several of these.
[5] Preferably one in each hand at all times.
[6] And good referral source.
[7] Coors Light-Drinking Partner is an excellent attorney with a heart of gold.
[8] Ready to sit down and set some goals?
[9] Maybe some cherries.
[10] Yes I know, mouths are usually moist, but sometimes wines dry them out!
[11] I’m swirling it in my glass wishing I had enough skills to take one of those fancy slo-mo videos. Alas, you’ll have to settle for some still photos.
[12] Last year.
[13] Usually.
[14] Really, I swear.
[15] Thanks, Wikipedia.
[16] Neat story, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with saying the word out loud.