Monday Motivation: Short & Sweet

I need some motivation in my life. I think it’s partly the heat and partly the fact that Husband and I haven’t taken a real vacation in quite a while.[1] I’ve been feeling pretty lazy when it cIMG_7797omes to writing, which is why this wine review is going up Monday when we drank the wine on Saturday. Ehh. It happens. This weekend was great; I lounged by the pool[2] and read some great Tudor romance historical fiction[3] amidst motion writing and cleaning for our unexpected houseguests. Some New York Cousins[4] stayed over Casa De WineEsquire with their adorable one year old[5] on Saturday night, so we opened some vino, grilled up some food and had a fire in a controlled fire pit bonfire. No complaints here!

To:                  Alleged Blog Readers
From:             WineEsquire
Date:              July 27, 2015
Wine:             2013 Ink Monster Zinfandel Review
This was the second bottle we opened at dinner.[6] I thought it was a great complement to the end of the meal.[7] Ever so slightly chilled, it had that zinfandel smell to it. Rich and inky. Medium bodied but intense flavors of sweet leather and cherries. Serious legs all around, but the tannins were not harsh at all. Two days later and it has mellowed out so that it’s soft and silky in your mouth, but it has retained a great flavor profile. Today I get more of a muted raspberry jam taste with almost a spicy undertone.


Wine Dossier
I picked up this bottle about a week ago when I had some time to kill between meetings outside of the office.[8] An Italian zinfandel, also known as Primitivo, from the Puglia I.G.P.[9] The label is interesting; it refers to the wine as “The Original Zinfandel,” the front bears a Rorschach inkblot[10] and the back directs you to a website that is currently being parked for free courtesy of GoDaddy. I’ve no idea who the producer is, only that it was imported by Prestige Wine Group out of Preston, Minnesota.

Available onliIMG_7801ne for between $12 and $14. While this wasn’t quite a blow you out of the water wine, this was still an excellent buy and I enjoyed every sip. If you come across it on your travels, you shouldn’t hesitate to give it a try!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] #lawyerlife #LifeofanEntrepreneur
[2] Our blow up pool, obviously.
[3] The White Princess, my second Philippa Gregory novel after The Other Boleyn Girl. So fun.
[4] There are many New York Cousins.
[5] Literally no tears in twenty four hours…Please God let me be so lucky.
[6]The first one was good too, but alas, no write up and no photos.
[7] Sausage and peppers on the grill with grilled gorgonzola garlic bread. Husband is also a grill master.
[8] Where else would I go besides the liquor store?IMG_7826
[9] IGP refers to “Wines with Protected Geographical Indication.” Essentially they come from a specific area and have to meet certain requirements in order to bear this designation.
[10] I see an insect trying to escape from a flower. What do you see?

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