One of THOSE Days

***BLOG UPDATE After posting last night, the dishwasher kicked the bucket. It’s full of dirty dishes. Yep. ***

You know the kind. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed and it just continues all day. Well, I’m at the tail end of one of those. This is kind of how it went:

Wake up,
See box of Life Cereal on the counter.
Best. Idea. Ever.
Go to Fridge.
Husband finished milk[1].
Go to Work[2].
Do Work.
Get a call.
Where are you?
At work. Why?
You’re supposed to be at a closing.
That’s not until 2:30.
It was changed to 1:00.
Go to closing.
Go back to work.
Continue working.
Get hungry.
Drive home.
Witness the Best. Sunset. Ever.
No photo opportunity[3].
Go to grocery store[4] while Husband orders take out.
Get home.
Unload groceries.
Open said take out.
Find out it’s the WRONG meal.
So hungry.
Eat it anyway.
Shed tears of frustration.

File Oct 21, 8 40 28 PMBut then I thought about how I should really get a grip. I’m healthy, happy, well fed, and now I have a glass of wine. There are so many people out there facing real problems. So tonight, I’m thankful for my WA WA day, because I could be dealing with real problems, and I’m not. We should all raise a glass and say a prayer for those who need it. Happy Wine Wednesday friends.

To:                   Alleged Blog Readers
From:              WineEsquire
Date:               October 21, 2015
Wine:              2011 Bobal deSanjuan
This smells sparkling but it’s not[5]. On the nose I get deep fruit, definitely plum. First sip and I actually stop, make a WOW face, and say mmmmmmm. Leathery with a hint of tobacco, almost like a spicy cabernet. Really deep with a medium finish. On the drier side, definitely some tannins. Nice legs are swirling. I’ve never had this varietal before, and I’m liking what I taste. Paris well with the Dominican chicken rice and beans I’m eating[6].

Wine Dossier
During my LastBottle marathon[7] a few months ago, I started ordering wine like a mad woman. Older vintages, varietals I had never heard of before, bottles way out of my price range. I blame it on the adrenaline, which was seriously pumping for a solid 12 hours. So far, all my selections have turned out well. When we got home and wanted to open a bottle tonight, given the way the day was going, I decided to open one of our less expensive offerings, just in case it turned out to be a dud[8]. Lucky for me, my LastBottle streak continued and it turned out to be excellent.File Oct 21, 8 39 34 PM

This is 100% Bobal[9], a grape whose name is derived from bovale, or bull, as the bunches are said to be shaped like a bull’s head. Given that I’d never heard of it before, I was surprised to read that it is Spain’s third most planted varietal, behind Airen[10] and Tempranillo.

Looking at the front and back labels, it’s tough to decipher who the producer is. I’m sure that’s because it’s in Spanish, and even though I took four years of the language in high school, I’ve got nothin’. “Old Vines” figures prominently on the front, and the back lets me know that the grapes came from 60 to 80 year old vines. I read that the varietal proved resistant to the Phylloxera vine disease[11] in the mid-19th century, so maybe that’s why the vines are so old.

Whoever does the marketing/branding for this producer needs some help, or they need to be fired. After 10 minutes of searching The Google, I still can’t find anything about who made this wine. Maybe it’s the day I’m having, but I don’t really think so. I finally found it on Wine-Searcher, so you can check it out if you want to snag a bottle. I paid $8.02 during the marathon, but you can get it for $12. At either price, it’s a steal and well worth it!


Lawyer FootnotesFile Oct 21, 8 51 29 PM
[1] When he came home last night and had a bowl of said Life Cereal. $50 fine for finishing milk.
[2] Hungry, because, see footnote 1, supra.
[3] This drives me insane!
[4] Because we need milk, see footnote 1, supra.
[5] Is that a thing?
[6] So technically it’s what Husband ordered for me, chicken with rice and beans. I’m not sure if he ordered wrong or they just put the wrong thing in, but when I usually order chicken with rice and beans there, I don’t get huge chicken pieces on the bone. So I’m still eating what I wanted to eat, I just have to do work to eat it…I shouldn’t complain, it’s delicious.
[7] If you don’t know about Last Bottle yet, go sign up. Awesome wine deals sent to your email everyday. Get a group of coworkers together who also love wine and then you can get free shipping!
[8] Because that’s pretty much how the day was going.
[9] The Irish Times called Bobal “Spain’s hidden gem.” The Irish clearly know what’s up.
[10] I’ve never heard of this one either, so don’t feel bad.
[11] So this was a HUGE problem in Europe because it ate the roots of the vines and destroyed almost every vine in existence. Talk about apocalyptic ish! There’s still no cure, so vintners have to be vigilant as it can spread easily. Read more here.