Open That Bottle Night #OTBN

File Feb 24, 11 40 38 AMBeing immersed in the wonderful world of wine is a great place to be. One of the best parts is learning about all the international wine holidays I never knew existed. You know, Wine Wednesday, National Drink Wine Day, National Wine Day, Rosé Day, etc.[1] I’m a big believer in celebrations, but I’m usually late to the party when it comes to these holidays, so that’s why I check what’s trending on Twitter.[2] Today I saw that #OTBN had been going for a few hours. I often always have to google what everyone is talking about, and it turns out that OTBN stands for Open That Bottle Night, a yearly event that occurs on the last Saturday in February.

The purpose is to open “That Bottle” you’ve been holding on to for one reason or another and celebrate with friends, just because. What better way to take a time out from the daily grind, sit back and take a sip. Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, a husband and wife wine loving duo, invented the holiday in 1999[3] and it’s been going strong ever since[4].

File Feb 24, 11 40 25 AMTonight’s task, while celebrating #WineWednesday of course, is to pick out what bottle I’ll be opening in celebration of this fabulous holiday. I’m sure I have a few to choose from lying around somewhere, and what a great excuse!

What will you be opening? Tag @WineEsquire on Instagram and Twitter to let me know!

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File Feb 24, 11 40 08 AMLawyer Footnotes
[1] As if anyone really needs an excuse…but whatever, it’s fun.
[2] Like The Donald’s latest quip, “I love the poorly educated.” #futureprez
[3] New item on the bucket list: Invent a Holiday.
[4] Alas, I’ve been missing out all these years since this is the first I’ve heard of it. #NoTimeLikeThePresent

2 thoughts on “Open That Bottle Night #OTBN

  1. Have you decided what you will open on Saturday night? Although we love to celebrate all the wine holidays, this is a tough one for us, since we tend not to save too many bottles. We #OTBN when the bottle calls to us. I’m sure we can find something that fits the bill though!
    As for the holidays- last year I went all out to get #CabFrancDay recognized. It is on Dec. 4th- so mark your calendar for another holiday (although there are plenty in between now and then) The first #CabFrancDay was a huge success and I’m hoping this one is bigger and better. Slainte!

    1. Haven’t found the winner for Saturday night yet but I’ve got a few options! Will definitely be up to celebrate #CabFrancDay!

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