Rosé All Day at #NYFW

File Sep 10, 8 02 13 PMSurprising as it may be to hear, I am not a fashionista. I do my best to wear as much black as possible on a weekly basis[1], maybe throwing in a pair of red heels here, a bubble necklace there. I like to keep it simple. All those fashion bloggers out there are way cooler than me and they all have the uncanny ability to make all their wacky clothes look good[2]. When I got an email inviting me to go to New York Fashion Week, I was surprised at how excited I was[3]. Not only is it a fashion show, it’s a fashion show/Rosé party with Nuit en Rosé. Holla. I’m probably going to meet Taylor Swift because she’s very fashionable and lives in NYC, so it makes sense that she would be there.

Tickets are still available if you care to join me. And Taylor.


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] The uniform of female lawyers.
[2] i.e. high-waisted shorts and fringe. I mean, seriously, what normal people look good wearing fringe??
[3] I’m going to be the frumpiest one there. But whatever. #yolo