Rosé All Day…Again

File Aug 09, 2 39 25 PM (1)My colleagues at The Firm have been very supportive of my blog. They follow me on The Insta, they read it (sometimes) but most importantly they take time out of their busy schedules to drink wine with me[1]. Imagine my surprise when two of my lovely colleagues[2] adamantly declared that they did not like Rosé. What was this blasphemy? It’s actually a common phenomenon thanks to the super sweet and super cheap Rosés of yore which gave all Rosés a bad name. Clearly, the only solution was to host a #RoséAllDay Party to show them what they were missing.

Unfortunately for you, Alleged Blog Readers, Wine Esquire did not pay muchFile Aug 09, 3 15 28 PM attention to tasting notes[3], instead my main objectives were to make sure that the Rosé glasses were filled to appropriate levels at all times, to pass around some delectable hors d’oeuvres [4], and to keep the Rosé flowing. That being said, the Rosé D’Anjou from the Loire Valley was a mouthful of refreshing grapefruit. My favorite was Earthshaker’s Rosé De Pino Noir; ever so slightly sweet, light and crisp. They loved my Deal of the Year Cono Sur Bicicleta and the Spanish Rioja was a big hit. Thankfully there were no duds, just some great Rosé! In the end, I converted two Rosé haters, so I think my efforts were well worth it!


Lawyer FootnotesFile Aug 09, 2 38 23 PM
[1] Sometimes several times a week.
[2] One of them was BookNerd Work Friend who loves her some wine!
[3] Wine Tasting Party Fail.
[4] Wine Esquire’s famous garlic and parsley tortellini, prosciutto wrapped melon and caprese salad, to name a few.