Rosé On a Boat


I’m pretty sure that Rosé Cruises are the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I found myself aboard not one but two boats in Greenwich last weekend and another in NYC yesterday. I don’t know if #CharmedLife is really an appropriate hashtag, but the past two weekends have been spectacular.File Jun 12, 11 19 43 AM

Last weekend’s boat jaunt took me and some friends around the Greenwich Harbor with 90+ Cellars. The weather was epic, the wine was divine and the houses along the waterway were seriously out of this world. 90+ has quite a few Rosé options available at the moment, a Sancerre, a Cotes du Provence, Lot 33 from Languedoc, Rose de Pinot Noir by Earthshaker and of course, the new big thing, Lila Rosé in a can. We’re talking about some seriously affordable Rosé people, and they’re widely distributed so, unless you really live in the boondocks, you should be able to grab yourself a few bottles, er, cans.File Jun 12, 10 58 30 AM

The second boat I hopped on wasn’t part of the day’s planned itinerary, but sometimes you just have to walk onto a 101-foot yacht and request to take some photos[1]. You may just get a glass of champagne out of it …

Thanks Mr. P.File Jun 12, 10 31 47 AMFile Jun 12, 10 58 57 AM

Yesterday’s Rosé cruise was the much anticipated La Nuit en Rosé which took us around the Hudson River’s Upper Bay. We cruised past New York’s iconic skyline, the Freedom Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, and then finally, Lady Liberty herself, all while sipping on the loveliest of Rosés. File Jun 12, 10 45 37 AMWhispering Angel, Bernard Magrez, #rosesvp and Chandon all made an appearance. The weather was gorgeous, if not a bit breezy[2]; the weather gods have certainly been smiling upon me[3]. If you’re in the NYC area and missed out again, you need to examine what you’re doing with your life and make sure you get onboard next year!File Jun 12, 10 59 58 AM

I don’t have any boat cruises planned for next weekend, so if you know of any, or if you have a seaworthy boat, let me know. I’ll bring the rosé!

File Jun 12, 10 47 10 AMUntil the next glass, Cheers!

Lawyer Footnote
[1] No trespassing sign notwithstanding. Note I am not recommending that you break the law. But, I’m also not your lawyer. #LegalDisclaimer
[2] Taking a page out of the Queen’s book, weighted hemlines may have been a good idea. #FlyingDresses
[3] Many thanks, Universe.File Jun 12, 10 59 41 AM

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  1. Let me get this straight, friendly New Yorkers just invite you on their boat? And Champagne! You do lead a charmed life!

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