Back To Reality

Hello there Alleged Blog Readers! Long time no sip! Sorry about that. Been off on a wee adventure to Scotland and England and I didn’t have my trusty laptop with me.[1] Since coming back from vacation we’ve had a bit of a rocky start[2], but I think this wine is a turning point. You’ll be hearing about our across the pond adventures soon, but for now, I’ve got to tell you about this wine.
To:                   Alleged Blog Readers
From:              WineEsquire
Date:               November 17, 2015
Wine:              2012 Sterling Vineyards Limited Edition Celebration Red
IMG_1340A wee bit on the dry side for me, but it’s a deep and rich delight. Dark, heavy fruit, with a hint of leather. Almost meaty. It’s getting a wee bit cold outside here in the States, and it paired excellently with our Italian Wedding Soup[3]. Chewy tannins leaves you feeling slightly dry and wanting more[4]. A lot of complexity for a red blend, and one that’s worth more than just a sip.

Wine Dossier
A California blend of Merlot, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and “other red varietals.” This was one of my Last Bottle deals[5]. My lawyer #winesquad[6] and I bought a case and I ended up with three bottles. Sadly, given how good this wine is, this is nowhere near enough. For $15 a bottle, this was truly an epic deal. It retails for $20 on the Sterling Vineyards website, and even at that price it’s a good deal.

Sterling Vineyards has about 1,200 acres throughout Napa where they grow a variety of grapes. Founded by an English expat in the 1960s, so clearly this was the perfect choice to open upon our return from the Motherland.


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] #airportsecurity
[2] Death in the family and car troubles. That being said, I’m now the proud owner of a $631.12 Toyota water pump.
[3] Courtesy of Price Chopper. Obviously.
[4] Husband kept pouring so that worked out well.
[5] You gotta believe me when I tell you it’s an amazing website. Free shipping if you buy enough (usually 4-6) and the wines are consistently outstanding.
[6]There’s a group of five of us winos. We go in and buy wine together on the regular. Our receptionist sees the wine boxes arrive at the office on a weekly basis. She thinks we’re totally nuts, but she’s discreet. #YOLO #lawyerlife