I’m Not a Player I Just Crush A Lot[1]

I know, I know, it’s been awhile.[2] I’ve been busy, you’ve been busy, we’ve all been busy. I had that marathon last week[3], which really took a lot out of me[4], Middle Sissy’s birthday celebration in Saratoga[5] and lots and lots of work.[6]

IMG_8386Tonight, we drank a great wine. Husband whipped up some dinner[7] and now we’re sitting out on the front porch. The night has cooled from the ridiculously, oppressively humid day[8], and the cricket chorus is in full swing. Come winter we’ll be complaining about this New England weather, but nights like this are special, and it’s important to take the time to enjoy it.

To:                  Alleged Blog Readers
From:             WineEsquire
Date:               August 24, 2015
Wine:             2012 The Crusher Grower’s Selection Petite Sirah
I forgot to smell the wine before I tasted[9], and my immediate reaction was “Wow, figs.” Delicious fig balsamic vinegar. Not too sweet, not too thick, but just right. Definitely medium bodied with enough going on to appreciate the flavors and textures, but not so much that it was overwhelming. The color on this is beautiful, a crimson that fades to a deep pink around the edges. I smell leather and dark berries. The finish is slightly sweet and a bit on the dry side. A truly delicious wine.

Wine Dossier
The Crusher hails from Clarksburg, California, not far from Sacramento. The Clarksburg AVA is relatively new, and according to The Wikipedia, only a few wineries release wines with this distinction. Described as “uncrowded and unspoiled” by the Clarksburg Wine Growers & Vintners Association, I’m reminded of Umbria, Tuscany’s uncrowded and unspoiled neighbor, with wines that will knock your socks off. Clarksburg is officially on my Wine To Do List. The area seems to be regularly compared to its famous counterpart, Napa, with similar weather patterns and its aquatic connection with its nearness to the Sacramento River.

The Crusher utilizes all natural yeast fermentation techniques, using yeasts found within the vineyards.[10] Yeast is the magical ingredient that transforms grape juice into wine[11]. It converts the sugar within the juice to alcohol during the fermentation process[12].

At $11.89 I’m going to pat myself on the back and say good job. I ordered online and used a coupon code, but you can find this for even less throughout the country. Go grab a bottle and give it a try, I don’t think you’ll regret it! Make some pasta, grill some steak or enjoy on its own!


Lawyer Footnotes
IMG_8367[1] The 90s R&B playing while we ate dinner and I started this post was #clutch. #BigPun
[2] #socialcalendar #lawyerlife
[3] Winner of the free bottle of wine to be announced soon!
[4] And my wallet.
[5] Complete with some boxed wine.
[6] #lawyerlife
[7] Our favorite pasta Rana tagliatelle with some chopped garlic, basil (fresh from the garden) with an olive tapenade, rounded out with a side of fresh California figs. Delish.IMG_8391
[8] My paralegal came in this morning and asked whether I had brushed my hair or not. WTF
[9] It’s Monday, what can I say?
[10] Apparently natural or “wild” yeast is found in every vineyard on the grapes themselves. You can read more about this here.
[11] Yeast and Jesus have similar transformative abilities. #waterintowine
[12] Read more here.