Pre-Flight Check-In: #WBC16

♪♫ I’m leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again. ♪♫

Oh wait, yes I do[1].

This week I’m jetting off to the 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference in Lodi, California. Thanks to a generous scholarship from a group of very generous donors, my flight costs are being covered[2]. THANK YOU! I Cannot Wait. I’ll be reuniting with one of my #FancyInFrancey friends, Michelle from Rockin’ Red Blog, and I’m sure I’ll be meeting meet a whole bunch of new wine friends! We’ll be watching the Olympics 24/7 visiting vineyards, talking shop, sipping wines[3], live blogging, and a whole lot more. And since I just joined the world of Snap Chat[4], I’ll try to get some snaps in too.


I got some practice in this week with a sprightly bottle of Zinfandel from Lodi. Exceptional value at under $15. Deep and luscious, this was a great buy from Naked Wines.File Aug 07, 4 29 27 PM

Today I kept it in the California family with a gorgeous 2012 Horseshoe Vineyard Chardonnay by Rhys Vineyards. Smoky, full and oaky. Great mouth feel, definitely a full bodied white. Perfect for this sweltering 85° day.

File Aug 07, 4 35 17 PM

Have you been to Lodi? What’s your favorite vineyard there?

Lawyer Footnote
[1] #RedEye home on Sunday for the win.
[2] And thanks to Uncle Bob, I’m in first class all the way! #Swanky
[3] Obviously.
[4] I’m WineEsquire on Snaps … and I’m still figuring it out … bear with me.

#FancyInFrancey: Partie Un[1]

You may recall that I won a blog contest. The one where I asked you all to vote for me[2]. The prize was the world’s greatest trip to Bordeaux, and let me tell you, it was stunning. Epic. Amazing. Beautiful. Perfect. Incredible. All of it. Every second.

File Apr 16, 10 22 31 PM
Entrance to Château Fombrauge. No big deal.

I lived in a Château for a week, I was chauffeured around Bordeaux by James Bond in a Wi-Fi-enabled Mercedes. We ate duck, foie gras and caviar, we drank epic vintages with wine makers and château owners, we tasted the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème. This was the stuff that dreams are made of.

File Apr 16, 10 23 03 PM
Rollin’ out the red carpet for Wine Esquire

And now that I’ve been back in the real world for a week, it’s time to reminisce, to wonder why we live on this side of the pond and why every day isn’t all about wine tasting. This is part one in a series,[3] reliving the moments, one bite, one tour, one sip at a time. I invite you to come on this journey and experience the magic[4].

And So It Began…[5]

The flight across the pond started with a delay at JFK, but by midnight we were on our way. Watch was set to our time at destination[6] and I promptly fell asleep[7]. I missed dinner[8] but woke up to a lovely[9] breakfast and chatted with my seatmate Rosie who was on her way back to Jordan where she’s been working at an NGO for the past few years[10]. A brief layover at the Charles de Gaulle Airport allowed me to begin my croissant consumption[11] File Apr 16, 9 33 44 PMbefore I hopped on the hour long flight to Bordeaux. It’s always nerve-wracking waiting for your bags to come through[12], but mine arrived in one piece and I headed out to look for my driver chauffeur[13]. Geoffrey was waiting with a sign that read “Bernard Magrez” and I almost didn’t believe it was for me. A lovely woman immediately approached wanting to know what I was doing with Mr. Magrez. I told her about Millesima and the blog contest, and as it turns out, she was also there for En Primeur week so we exchanged information. My first international wine friend and I hadn’t even gotten to my destination!

File Apr 16, 9 52 13 PM
View from the car

Geoffrey and I quickly found Jeremy[14], a fellow blogger and one of my new Texas wine friends, and so our journey to Château Fombrauge began. The drive was 45 minutes of field after field of vineyard, every square inch efficiently utilized. We arrived to a perfectly picturesque château at the golden hour, the sun just preparing to begin its descent.

File Apr 16, 10 27 35 PM
Château Fombrauge (C) Millesima

Deep in the countryside of Saint-Émilion, the picture-perfect wrought iron gates opened and we approached our new home, down the long gravel driveway, vineyards as far as the eyes could see. Our bags were whisked inside and Chantelle showed us to our rooms, each named after a different Magrez château, mine was La Tour Carnet. French-chic at its best with toile walls, gorgeous orchids and a breathtaking view overlooking the vines[15]File Apr 16, 9 52 35 PM

After a quick shower, I got a knock on my door that they wanted to take a group photo and that I should grab a glass of wine on the way out. Mmm, ok. I went outside to meet my fellow bloggers and we immediately loved each other. Being an extroverted introvert, I was nervous about how this week was going to go. Six strangers stay at a château…it could have been a bad reality TV show. But it wasn’t. It was great. The connection was instant, everyone was genuinely awesome, and we’re already planning our reunion tour.

File Apr 16, 10 27 53 PM
Our crew, left to right, Toma, Madelyn, Wine Esquire, Michelle, Jeremy & Mike (c) Millesima

After our photo shoot, we continued tasting the 2010 Château Fombrauge Bordeaux Blanc as we got a rundown of our schedule from Viviana, in charge of events and promotions for Millesima. It was going to be a jam packed week, full of wine tastings, dining, and wine making, and even though we were tired from our various journeys, we were all literally giggling with excitement.

File Apr 16, 9 53 28 PMWe moved to the dining room for dinner and this is really where the trip started. Dinner was like a dream. They told us this was our “chill” dinner, super casual with no excursion around it. In reality, this was one of the best meals of my life, in the grand dining room of the château, which was built in 1629, with each of the four exquisite courses served by our private chef. He prepared a flawless meal starting with a “meager terrine, aromates, red wine jelly, and emulsion of coriander[16].” File Apr 16, 10 06 33 PMThis was paired with the 2011 Château Fombrauge Bordeaux Blanc. Light, fresh with an earthy finish that was silky smooth.

Interestingly, this whole adventure started with a bottle of Bordeaux Blanc and a blog post about how I paired it with some crepes after a particularly frustrating day at the Firm. Over the next seven days I would come to truly appreciate this delicate, delicious nectar and come to the realization how underappreciated it is worldwide.

File Apr 16, 10 08 51 PMNext up in our meal was the perfectly prepared duck filet, on the rarer side, topped with a parmesan crisp.[17] This was paired with the 2006 Château Fombrauge[18], a beautiful, big Bordeaux, full of flowers and tannins that stood up to the succulent, flavorful main course.

As we sat there, smiling and talking about how this couldn’t be real, I noticed the classical music playing softly in the background. Of COURSE there was classical music playing from the heavens, this was Château Life. Not overpowering but perfectly there, in the background, crescendo-ing with each sip of the exquisite wines.

File Apr 16, 10 10 14 PMAnd then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I learned about the Cheese Course. During this past year’s fairy tale New Year’s Eve dinner, I got a taste of what a cheese course should be[19]. When the plate arrived in front of me, I felt like Kevin McCallister when he ordered his first solo cheese pizza. This was a whole plate of cheese, just for me. Served with a 2005 Château Fombrauge, we had a selection of goat cheese from the Pyrenees, Saint Nectaire and Meaux Brie. Yes. Please. Brie in France is not like Brie in America. When you have Brie here, it’s great, lovely wonderful. But the Brie in France is epic. More intense, more flavorful, slightly stinky, with a crusty, salty rind[20]. And when you pair it with the wine. Oh. Em. Gee. But the Saint Nectaire was where it’s at. Creamy, elegant, delicious. I thought this Cheese Course was an anomaly, but as the days went on, I would quickly find that the Cheese Course is a part of life[21]. And what a beautiful part of life it is.

File Apr 16, 10 15 52 PMThroughout dinner I had been pacing myself because we had the menu from the start and I knew that we’d be finishing with a vanilla panacotta. My sweet tooth is my favorite tooth, and this did not disappoint. A salsa of freshly chopped fruit, served in a martini glass on a bed of thick, rich, delicious panna cotta completed our meal. It was like suntan lotion in a glass, in the best possible way.

By this point, we were all in shock and disbelief. Could this be real? How could tomorrow even come close to this experience? We finished the evening with coffee and cookies in the parlor. It was a fairy tale. File Apr 16, 9 53 52 PMThe cat literally curled itself at my feet. None of us lasted too long though; the travel, the wine, the food had basically put us in a coma[22]. We floated to bed, dreaming sweet dreams of wine and food. I was missing Husband and my cats, but I figured they’d survive for a few days without me. After all, it was my duty as Wine Esquire to experience this to the fullest. And it was only Arrival Day.

The official first day of our wine adventure would start with a walking tour of Bordeaux City followed by lunch at the Joël Robuchon Restaurant at La Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez, a restaurant awarded two Michelin stars. No. Big. Deal. So stay tuned for European architecture, crazy Bruno, lots and lots of wine, a butter dome and the dessert cart. Yes, a dessert cart.

À bientôt[23]!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] This means Part One.
[2] All day, every day.
[3] Of I don’t know how many yet, let’s just go with the flow.
[4] Disney World ain’t got nothin’ on Bordeaux. #MagicKingdom

File Apr 16, 9 53 04 PM
Château Fombrauge at the Golden Hour

[5] This is your chance to grab a glass of wine, you’re gonna need it.
[6] I find that making the switch before you get there helps trick your brain into believing in the new time zone.
[7] Something about moving vehicles puts me right to sleep. I can barely keep my eyes open through takeoff.
[8] Because who wants airplane dinner at 1 a.m.?
[9] My initial memory was of the lovely breakfasts I had every day at the Château. Then I remembered that the American-style breakfast served en route to Paris was not all that lovely. #wheredthatmuffincomefrom #norealmilk
[10] Wow. Talk about doing something amazing with your life.
[11] They just don’t make them right in ‘Merica. Why can’t we figure it out when the French are so good at it?
[12] Giant wine bottles can be found all over Bordeaux, including at the baggage claim. These people love their wine.File Apr 16, 9 51 47 PM
[13] Because how else do you get around Bordeaux during En Primeur? #ChâteauLife
[14] Thanks to his Twitter profile pic.
[15] Good water pressure and hair dryers are important elements of traveling and this place had both. I immediately knew it was going to be a good week.
[16] Hello Google, what am I eating? I quickly realized it didn’t matter because everything was so amazingly delicious.
[17] Yum.
[18] Red, not white.
[19] Looking back on that night, I clearly didn’t take enough cheese.
[20] Hello Cholesterol.
[21] At least it’s part of #ChâteauLife.
[22] #TomaInAComa #insidejoke #sorrynotsorry
[23] See you soon!

Off We Go … Nous Voilà

So here I am in Queens, waiting for Lyft[1] to take me to the airport. Clearly it’s time to brush up on my French. I figured I’d get the basics down before I head over to Bordeaux. Here’s what I’ve mastered so far:

  • Wine – le vin[2]
  • I love wine – i aime le vin[3]
  • I am a wine blogger – je suis un blogueur du vin
  • Yes – Oui
  • Please – s’il vous plaît
  • Thank You – Merci
  • Water – eau
  • Happy – joyeux or content
  • Hungry – affamé
  • Tired – fatigue
  • Bathroom – la salle de bain
  • Good evening – Bonsoir[4]

I think I’ll be fine.[5]File Apr 01, 6 00 43 PM

This is going to be a crazy week, full of wine, chateaus, adventures and new wine friends. A total of six bloggers are currently en route to Bordeaux to participate in Primeurs 2015[6] with Millesima and Bernard Magrez. Those in the know are saying the vintage is shaping up to be a good one. Be sure to check out my fellow participants[7]: Vinopedia, Edvin, Please Bring Me My Wine, Rockin Red Blog and Texas Wine Lover.

The schedule for the week is jam packed. We’re doing a million things, like going on a walking tour of Bordeaux, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, tastings at Chateau d’Yquem and Chateau Pape Clément, we’re even blending our own wine! I’m so excited!

THANK YOU to everyone who voted to send me on this awesome journey. You’ll be right there with me as I soak up this experience. I’ll be updating on the regular on Instagram and Twitter and I hope to get a few blog posts in too. Stop by, say hi and let me know what you think!food-wine-pairing-winner

Lyft’s almost here, wish me luck!

À bientôt[8]! #FancyinFrancey

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] If you want $5 off your first ten rides, click here. Note: I thought I was getting a free $50. I mean, technically I am. But just not all at once. #thatshowtheygetcha
[2] Pronounced kinda like va.
[3] Even with the translator I don’t know how to say this.
[4] Pronounced bone swa. This is by far my favorite word. It just rolls off the tongue. Morning, noon and night.
[5] I’m thinking this guide will come in very handy.
[6] That’s the week where wine journalists gather in Bordeaux to taste the 2015 vintage straight out of the barrel.
[7] And new WFFL. Wine Friends For Life. #hashtag
[8] That means “See you soon!”

A New Idea. #MWWC23

You never know what you’re going to find when you’re knee-deep in the world wine web[1]. This week I stumbled across the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge[2], a chance to focus on a specific theme and incorporate it in your blog. I’m in![3]Monthly Wine Writing Challenge Badge

The theme for the March challenge is NEW.

This blog is no longer new, but it still feels pretty new. Compared to all the other fine wine writers out there, I feel like a baby. In fact, I really am a baby. I’ll be celebrating my ONE YEAR blog-aversary in just THREE DAYS on March 9[4]. I can’t believe we’ve been here together for almost a year already[5]. And it all started with a NEW idea; an idea to get the creative juices flowing and to begin to fine tune my wine-game[6].

I’d say I’ve been successful thus far based purely on the fact that I have SO much fun doing all of this. Whether or not anyone reads it is a different story, but it has been a life game-changer, and that’s really what matters. It seems we’ve gotten quite a few things done over the past twelve months, and this coming year will be full of new adventures, many of which stem from my “new” wine blog.

Now that I put it down in writing, it’s pretty crazy what’s happened over the past year.

2015 To Do List

  1. Write Wine Blog.File Nov 22, 8 20 03 PM
  2. Post wine photos. On the daily.
  3. Tweet Tweet.
  4. Start a Twitter Chat[7].
  5. Make New Wine Friends[8].
  6. Sniff, Sip, Swirl & Spit at First Legit Wine Tasting.
  7. NYC Rosé Yacht Cruise.
  8. New York Fashion Week. #NBD
  9. Private Chef(s). What What.
  10. Completion of TWO Wine Marathons.[9]
  11. English Bubbly,[10] Scottish Whiskey and Downton Abbey.

New To Do List 2016:

  1. Open That Bottle Night 2016 #OTBN
  2. Downton Finale[11].
  3. Wine and Dine at PimmsCap Juluca
  4. Take Over the Instagram at Cuisinart Anguilla[12]
  5. Go on a Wine Vacation to
    1. Taste 2015 Bordeaux at en primeur week
    2. Stay at Bernard Magrez’ Château Fombrauge
    3. Cross Bernard Magrez off the Wine Bucket List
  6. Buy a vineyard in Italy[13]

The rest of the year is an open book, and I’m open to the universe and all its possibilities. Who would’ve thought that a new idea a year ago would have evolved into all this. The funny thing is, the first post was written right here, in the exact same spot at my dining room table, so even with all the NEW-ness, some things haven’t changed.

Cheers to new ideas, new wines and new wine friends!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] See what I did there?
[2] #MWWC23
[3] Obviously. Writing + Wine = Yes.
[4] Good thing I looked at the calendar. Ima need some bubbly to celebrate. Obvi.
[5] What?! Time flies when you’re having fun!
[6] Which was strong in that I drank it a lot, but without really paying attention to what was going on in my glass.
[7] #Under25ChallengeFile Mar 06, 8 46 00 AM
[8] Is it ok to have more Twitter friends than real friends?? #instafriends
[9] I’m still waiting for my race bibs to come in from Last Bottle so I can display them in my office. #running
[10] It’s quite cruel that this is not available over here across the pond. #sadface
[11] Noooooooooo. I’m crying already.
[12] Details coming soon. Can. Not. Wait.
[13] Nothing set in stone, but hey, a girl can dream right? #lawofattraction