Thanksgiving Recap

File Nov 27, 6 46 33 PMThanksgiving 2015 has come and gone. I actually behaved very well this year. There were no rolls on my plate[1], I didn’t go back for seconds[2], there were no crying fits about wanting to stay and finish watching Mandy Moore movies on TV[3], and I didn’t end up wanting to die because of how full my stomach was. #success We even took a walk around the block after dinner.[4]

File Nov 27, 7 05 48 PMThe meal was truly divine, but the wine selections were also excellent, if I do say so myself. We started with some Berberana Gran Tradicion Brut Cava, a sparkling wine from Spain. It’s always nice to start off with a wee bit ‘o bubbly, don’t you think? It was light crisp and airy, fairly dry with good bubbles. A great value from Total Wine.

Once the food was served we transitioned to still wine. File Nov 27, 6 45 49 PMThe white was the 2008 Domaine des Heritiers du Comte Lafon Macon Milly-Lamartine, which was a lovely French Chardonnay.[5] Intensely buttery with a light citrus finish. Thick and smooth, a real white treat. One of my LastBottle Marathon picks[6], definitely wish I had more of that one.

Our red selection was the 2013 MacMurry Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley[7]. Another complex pinot that still managed to be light and delicate. A bit of fruit and spice on the nose, it paired well with our luscious turkey feast and even complemented the pumpkin pie I’d been craving all week.[8]

File Nov 27, 6 57 46 PMOn a side note, Sissies, Mom and I capped off the evening with a bout of selfie stick mania. I’d never used one before but I’ve been threatening Husband that if he doesn’t start taking photos with me I’m going to buy one and start using it. In public. Experiencing the fun first-hand last night has solidified my decision to make this purchase.

WineEsquire strikes again! Onto the next feast!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Thanks for motivating me during #winechat this week @JustTheBottle and @Viginia_Made! Not sure I’m as motivated as you two, but I thought I’d try to go low carb whenever I can…#babysteps
[2] I took a lot during round one though.
[3] That may have happened last year. #sorrynotsorry #WalkToRemember
[4] Mostly because we were all starting to fall asleep because of the food coma #cardio
[5] Full disclosure, I thought this was a red when I selected it. The label was all in French and the bottle was very dark. When we got to the Parents House, Husband asked if he should chill it and I wondered why…#amateur
[6] If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re a fool.
[7] I didn’t know where the Russian River Valley was so I used The Google. Turns out it’s in Sonoma County, California. I think I should take one of those Master Of Wine courses so I can learn all this stuff. #taxwriteoff
[8] I may have had a second serving of pumpkin pie. With fresh whipped cream. #caloriefree