Tea Time By The Sea Side

File Feb 05, 5 42 39 PMSoooo…..this post is not about wine. Well, it’s not all about wine. I know, I know, this is a wine blog, but sometimes, not often, I do drink other things. And last Sunday, I had the opportunity to drink some non-alcoholic beverages in the most glorious of settings. So of course, I want to tell you about it.

File Feb 05, 5 45 39 PMHusband’s Aunt was celebrating her birthday and a fancy tea party was planned at Inn De La Mer. If my personality has come through at all on this blog, you’ll know that I love any excuse to get dressed up, especially if it involves wearing fancy headwear[1]. So I made my way down to the sea shore and pulled up to my destination. It was an old church that has been lovingly converted into one of the most beautiful bed and breakfasts I’ve had the occasion to visit. One of those places where your jaw literally drops the moment you walk in the door.

File Feb 05, 5 43 06 PMWe had lots of tea and lots of lovely little bites, all of which were delicious[2]. From avocado stuffed cucumbers to turkey, brie and cranberry puffs, we ate like Queens. For dessert there was a trio of chocolate mousse cupcake, fresh fruit drowned in fresh whipped crème, and a lemon meringue mousse tart. Heaven. The presentation was spectacular, every detail was planned out and executed beautifully. Even the weather cooperated and we enjoyed a record-breaking 60 degree Sunday. In January. In New England.

File Feb 05, 5 20 24 PM

Once the party games had been played[3], and the guests said their goodbyes. I broke out the bubbly[4], offered our host a glass, and went around on a photo binge. I couldn’t not photograph this place, and I might as well drink some bubbly while I was at it. Am I right? The owner and I had a great chat, but I tried not to overstay my welcome, so I only popped one bottle, but I can guarantee you, I will be back. I’m thinking a #WineEsquire wine dinner. What do you think?

#SundayFunday at its finest folks.

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] My fascinator collection is extensive. I even have a few from Jolly Old England.
[2] If this were my tea party, we obviously would have had some #bubbly too, but alas, it was not my tea party.
[3] An exciting rendition of What’s In Your Purse, and Draw a Tea Pot on Your Head. I won the tea pot drawing game after a tie-breaking second round with Gram. #artist. I really wish I had a photo.
tea party tweet[4] Yes I brought bubbly. You just never know. A bottle of my go-to, always keep a bottle in the fridge, Segura Viudas Brut Cava.

File Feb 05, 5 53 40 PM
This chandelier is glorious. We learned that the tin ceiling and walls were original to the church and had survived there since the 1800s
File Feb 05, 5 51 11 PM
Looking down on the festivities from the old choir loft
File Feb 05, 5 50 49 PM
The appropriately named European Suite
File Feb 05, 5 46 46 PM
I can just imagine curling up by the fire for hours with a bottle of wine and a good book
File Feb 06, 8 40 29 AM
In the third story bell tower they’ve created a lovely sitting nook with floor to ceiling bookshelves featuring photos of couples that were married at the church. How amazing is that?

File Feb 05, 5 46 11 PM File Feb 05, 5 45 03 PM File Feb 05, 5 44 27 PM File Feb 05, 5 44 00 PM File Feb 05, 5 43 49 PM File Feb 05, 5 21 21 PM

Blog One. Page One.

This is my blog. I’ve never written a blog before, but I figured I’d give it a try[1]. This is a wine blog. A wine blog for lawyers. A wine blog for lawyers written by a lawyer. Because lawyers drink wine. Lawyers need to drink wine. After the days we have being lawyers, wine is a necessity. A calming, rejuvenating, relaxing delicious necessity. If you haven’t guessed, I am a lawyer. I also drink wine. I am not a sommelier (I do, however read Wine Spectator from cover to cover and yes, I spelled sommelier right the first time). The purpose of this is for me to do what I love (drink wine) so I can tell you fine lawyers what I think about the wines that I drink, and provide a little wine knowledge along the way.

Today I took the critical first steps. You know, those essential things that anyone who wants to write a blog must do immediately upon having the idea to write a blog. I secured my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Gmail accounts and bought a 99 cent domain name. I stopped short of filing a trademark application (that actually costs money). Then I realized I had to write the blog.

Why am I writing this? Because I need to do something after my days of lawyering. Something that doesn’t just involve coming home and drinking wine. I need an outlet, a purpose, an escapade, an adventure, something. No kids yet, and no dog to walk. My two black cats and I are almost up to date with Walking Dead. I feel a need to fill a void, and marrying two things that take up a lot of my time (lawyering and drinking[2]) seemed like a great idea. So here we go.

My husband came up with the idea. I think it’s great. He said would you read this blog? I said, well, I don’t know, I don’t read any blogs. But it sounds fun. Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m not going to make any promises so then I don’t have to break them. But the goal is to find unique wines that I think I’d like to drink. I’m going to bring them home and drink them. I’m going to write about how they make me feel and then I’m going to suggest that you go try them and see what happens. For now, I’ll be buying the wine (and writing it off as a business expense) and giving you unbiased and honest opinions. Down the road, the goal is for me to start getting some free wine (yea boi!). At that point I will still give you unbiased and honest opinions because I have no problem telling it like it is. I’m a lawyer, remember?

This was the first blog, so maybe it’s a little long. I’ll try not to do that again. Let’s get to the fun part and drink some wine. Because I’m a lawyer, we’re gonna do this like lawyers do. Memo style.

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] I am a compulsive editor. Sorry.
[2] Note that the author is not an alcoholic but merely has a passion for wine, specifically smooth, velvety, red wine.
To:                   Alleged Blog Readers
From:             Alleged Wine Guru
Date:               March 9, 2015
Wine:              2010 Chateau de Lavagnac Bordeaux

NOTE: The following reviews are solely the opinions, experiences and feelings of the author. Caveat emptor.

The wine was breathing for about an hour and fifteen minutes (not on purpose, but that’s what happened). I am not trained in smelling things. My untrained nose gets some notes of leathery berries[3]. I get a mouthful of something but it’s not overly flavorful. Almost harsh. It may need cheese.

The wine greatly improved with the meal (Rana butternut squash ravioli in a brown butter sauce with spinach, garlic and ham). The mouthful of wine was no longer harsh but rather sweeter and flowery. As we drank we realized that the typical Bordeaux flowery nose was missing on this wine. Husband’s words were “not complex”.  I would agree. Bordeaux’s can be categorized as a type of wine to be enjoyed with food, and this bottle certainly fit that mold.

IMG_4996All in all, I would buy this again. It’s very affordable at $14.99 (so if you’re in law school or recently graduated, you can afford to buy a decent Bordeaux and impress your friends). If you’re in a different income category (read: not still repaying your student loans) then perhaps skip this one and wait until I find a better Bordeaux for you to imbibe. I am still knee-deep in paying law school loans and will buy this wine again.

Wine Dossier
This is a 2010 Bordeaux. According to people who know about these things, this was a good year, though perhaps not as good as 2009. Bordeaux, or Claret, as it is known in England (thanks Downton Abbey) is any wine made in the Bordeaux region of France (similar to how Champagne works. We’ll get to that too, I promise). Bordeaux can actually be white or red. This is a red.[4] The bottle tells me only that it a “red Bordeaux wine” so we don’t know what the mixture of grapes is (it’s almost always a blend of different grapes since Bordeaux is not a type of grape). The Chateau has no website I can find (maybe this is the website, but now it’s a country club and the English translation only does the homepage??), but the bottle tells me “mis en bouteille au chateau” meaning it’s bottled at the chateau and not a blend of grapes from multiple growers.

Lawyer Footnotes
[3] Husband has a more discerning nose (he’s in beverage, I’m sure we’ll get to that later). I told him not to tell me what he thought before I decided what I had found. He said he found leather, cherries and tobacco. Also vegetables. Go figure.
[4] See, footnote 2, supra, I prefer reds.