Una Bottiglia Di Vino Rosso

I’ve been teaching myself Italian on the way to and from the Firm. By teaching myself, I mean I listen to ItalianPod101.com podcasts. My hosts, Cinzia and Marco, make my 40 plus minute commute fun and enjoyable, and I’m learning one of the most beautiful languages in the world.[1] Today’s Newbie Lesson #7 had us learning how to order a bottle of sparkling mineral water at an Italian bar[2]. I learned some key vocabulary today, including bottle, bottiglia, and vorrei, I would like. I happen to know that vino rosso means red wine, so I’m pretty much set for my next trip to Italy.[3]

We went to a Piedmont wine tasting dinner a few months ago where our deep love for Barolo’s was validated and we were introduced to other Piedmont varietals like Barbera D’Asti, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto.[4] Since then, the more affordable Barberas have been one of our main go-to wines. As I considered which wine we should drink tonight with our home made pizza[5], I thought what better way to reinforce my newly acquired Italian vocab then to use the words in real life. Una bottiglia di vino rosso was the clear winner.

To:                  Alleged Blog Readers
From:              WineEsquire
Date:               March 16, 2015
Wine:              2011 Vietti Barbera D’Asti Review

This was breathing for about thirty minutes before we imbibed. From the start, this was a pleasant IMG_5086experience. The nose was fruity with a hint of spice. The first sip was light, sweet and full of fruit. The finish was smooth; no dry mouth here. The wine grew in complexity as I nibbled some creamy Havarti cheese. The bottle didn’t quite make it all the way to dinner, but that was a testament to how drinkable and enjoyable it was. At $19.99, this was on the higher end of my bottiglia expenditures but it was well worth the few extra dillari[6]. For you poor newbie lawyers, splurge on this for your next special occasion[7]. For you seasoned attorneys with some dough in the bank, buy a case of this and enjoy.

Wine Dossier
Barbera D’Asti is a red wine made from Barbera grapes in the Asti province of Piedmont, Italy. This bottle was produced by Vietti, a historic winemaker who first began selling wine in 1919. Since the 1970s, each year Vietti commissions artists to design unique labels for each wine from that vintage. In this particular work of art, my artistic eye[8] sees an evil little nymph poking its bald head out of an eyeball.[9] IMG_5092

What do you see?

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] I go through spurts where all I want is NPR, and then there are times (like now) where I can’t bear to listen to one more news story. And learning Italian is infinitely better than those fundraising weeks. You know what I mean.
[2] That’s where almost all the lessons take place. Obviously.
[3] Of course I also know the essentials like, buongiorno (good day), per favore (please), grazie (thank you) and buona sera (good evening). I’m practically fluent.
[4] Even though deep down I know it’s not, I always think Dolchetto is a dessert wine and I never order it. I should really try to remember that is not the case and give it a try.
IMG_5089[5] Topped with ground sausage, caramelized onions, diced granny smith apples, garlic and goat cheese. The dough dried out a bit but the topping was scrumptious.
[6] That means dollar in Italian.
[7] Sometime, special occasions include getting through a Monday.
[8] Lies. I have no artistic eye.
[9] I mean no disrespect to the talented artist who created this. I’m not yet experienced in the art of such interpretation.

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