#WBC16 Recap


As you may know, I headed out West last week to attend the 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference in Lodi, California[1].

Wine in the Sky First Class

My adventure started in First Class[2] on American Airlines, and when I landed in Sacramento, I was upgraded to a VW Bug Convertible at the car rental counter. I don’t think I’ve ever actually driven a convertible before, so obviously I put the top down and went on my merry way.[3] Things took an interesting turn when I arrived at my destination[4]. It turns out that when a lot of wine bloggers gather in a location with a minimum number of hotel rooms, sometimes, your accommodations aren’t so stellar. Even though this hotel got a higher rating on TripAdvisor than some other local options, I think I got the short end of the hotel stick. But I’m really not complaining. Everything else was fabulous[5].

Wine Vines
Twilight on the Grapes

The welcome reception was held at the Mohr-Fry Ranches in Lodi and it just happened to be the proprietor’s 53rd wedding anniversary. Cheers to them for allowing 100+ strangers to invade their front lawn for an evening of wining and dining. I met up with some Twitter friends[6] and finally connected social handles to faces. The evening was lovely, and the cold Vermentinos that were being poured really hit the spot. I always knew Lodi was the place for Old Vine Zinfandel, but I had no idea there were so many amazing white grapes being grown there. From Vermentino to Viognier, I was one happy, if not a bit tired, camper wine blogger.


Wine Sunset
Night 1 Sunset. Not too shabby.

Given my East Coast roots, I was thoroughly jet-lagged for the first two out of the three days and found myself up before dawn[7]. So I did what any normal person would do. I hopped in my convertible and went out seeking the sunrise. I couldn’t find a “go to” place for sunrise in Lodi[8], but I put my compass app on and headed East. It worked out pretty well and I got some stellar sunrise views over the vines.

Sunrise in the Vineyard


The conference exposed me to a whole host of wine bloggers from around the world. It also exposed me to a lot of wine in a very short amount of time[9]. More on that later. The connections I made and insights I gained from the speakers and presenters were  well worth the few days away from the office[10]. Being awarded the scholarship was my impetus to go on this wine adventure, and it was an absolutely invaluable experience.

Coming Soon: A recap of my amazing small group excursion adventure at Jessie’s Grove and Spenker Winery, featuring wine, turtles and goats. Oh my.

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to assist with travel expenses and registration fees. THANKS to all the scholarship donors! I’ll be donating to the fund to help a newbie attend next year! You can donate too!wbc
[2] Thanks, Uncle Bob!
[3]This was smart given that it was 98 degrees, the sun was shining and I had no sunscreen. But whatever. #priorities
[4] Hello Motel 6.
[5]That being said, this was a total #FlipFlopsInTheShower kinda place …
[6] Like @Dracaenawines, @10KBottles and @WineAntics to name a few.
[7] This is so unlike me.
[8] Despite my attempts at Googling the same.
[9] #SpeedTasting
[10] BHAHAHAHAHA. That was funny right? #lawyerlife

I also started Snapping full blown ... follow me I'm @WineEsquire
I also started Snapping full blown … follow me I’m @WineEsquire

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  1. Wow! I’m in a lawyer footnote! I l’m so honored! It was awesome meeting and spending time with you! You did an awesome job chasing those sunsets! They are beautiful!

  2. Remember that fan that got all excited when he realized you were “you,” Wine Esquire, and got up to hug you? #creepy Haha.

  3. Did you forget about the fan that got all excited in finding out that you were “you,” Wine Esquire, and got up from his seat to give you a hug? Haha. 🙂

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