Well That Was Fun

Today was a good day. Got a lot of work done. Went to a lawyer extracurricular with good food.[1] Periscoped with some Twitter friends[2]. Came home to IMG_7996Husband preparing dinner for us and Italian Red Head Friend. Italian Red Head Friend is off the boat from Italy. He’s always cooking up something special, whipping out a fifty pound wheel of cheese, building stone fire places, and doing other Italian things. His garden is always overflowing with nature’s bounty[3] and he brought us over some of those Italian Long Hots. We stuffed the two that came out of our garden a few weeks ago[4], but they didn’t have any heat. He said they could be hit or miss. The peppers tonight were Out. Of. Control. But in such an awesome way. Sometimes, when it’s hot, it’s fun to sweat. That’s what we did tonight. And the wine we paired with it was Perfection. Top five dinner of the summer. That was so fun.

To:                  Alleged Blog Readers
From:             WineEsquire
Date:               August 4, 2015
Wine:              2012 Michael David Freakshow Cabernet
This has a big nose. Huge bouquet of flavor right off the bat. A rich and meaty cabernet with that raspberry yogurt thing going on. I’m tasting cherry, tobacco and leather for a mouthful of plush deliciousness. It pairs sublimely well with our feast. Husband had sautéed garlic, red peppers, wild boar sausage and the IMG_8004long hots in olive oil. Italian Red Head made his mom’s favorite salad of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic and herbs, also drizzled in olive oil. I expertly picked up some Rosemary and olive oil infused bread from my favorite grocery store and topped it with slices of mozzarella[5]. The heat from the peppers definitely woke us up, but it wasn’t too strong that you lost all sense of taste. The wine exploded with all the flavors, and cooled the mouth down just enough so you could go back for more. Seriously so much fun.

Wine Dossier
Another gem from the Michael David Winery. Freakshow is their Cabernet Sauvignon with a bit of Petite Sirah blended in. They also make my favorite wine, the Petite Petit. I actually can’t believe I haven’t blogged about that one yet. It’s one of the only wines I’ll buy again and again[6]. It’s just that good. The Michael David Winery is run by brothers Michael and David Phillips. Their family has been making wine in Lodi since the 1850s. One of these days when I make it that far west[7], I’ll definitely be stopping by this place for a visit. A great value at around $20 a bottle. It should be widely available so I would strongly suggest you grab one and give it a swirl!


IMG_8018Lawyer Footnotes
[1] A rarity. The wine was not anything to write home about, but they never are at those things.
[2] Shoutout to Classy Little Podcast. How does everybody feel about Periscope? I hate myself on camera, so I can’t see this happening with WineEsquire.
[3] He helped Husband build our own garden beds, which have been abundantly producing fruit, probably because of Italian Red Head Friend.
[4] And drank that amazing Rutherford Cabernet.
[5] I’m a really good shopper.
[6] Since there are so many wines out there, I usually like to try something new. But the Petite Petit is really awesome.
[7] Assuming California doesn’t fall into the ocean before then. #SanAndreas