What To Talk About At Your Next Cocktail Party. Or Pre-Trial Conference. Or Both.


File Sep 22, 6 50 09 PMThere’s a lot going on out there in the world, and when you’re making small talk, it’s usually a good idea to stay away from religion and politics[1]. Clearly you’re better off talking about wine, or just alcohol generally. Here’s a quick roundup of interesting stuff happening so you can sound intelligent and on trend.



  1. Boxes of Wine are on the Rise. But not the kind you’re thinking of. Turns out that Americans are buying more wine directly from wineries than from traditional liquor stores. Check these guys out if you’d like to give the trend a try:
    Cutruzzola (killer Pinot)
    Judge Palmer (killer Cab)

File Feb 21, 9 01 32 PMFile Jan 31, 9 58 48 AM

  1. Rhymes Lie.IMG_8180 Turns out that the age old mantra “liquor before beer” is totally bogus. The scope of your hangover is really all about mixing[2], and how many drinks you have.[3] My motto is: Stick to wine and you’ll be fine[4].
  1. Italy at War. With Boars. The excessive boar population is finding out what most of the world already knows: the grapes produced by Tuscan vines taste divine. Hunting privileges have been extended to reduce the surplus population[5].
  1. Wine Allowance Request in Child Custody Case. Though the judge ultimately found that the £10,500 originally demanded was excessive, he found £4,000 to be much more reasonable. The child at issue is seven years old[6].

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  1. Cheap Wine in a Decanter Tastes Better. Scientists are always studying us like lab rats, and this time, they found that we like wine when we think it’s expensive and when it’s poured into out of a decanter into nice glasses, even highly trained wine professionals[7]. It’s really true. Have you ever tasted wine out of a solo cup? Not so good.

Now you have plenty of fodder for your next small talk event. Happy chatting!

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Trump better not say anything else about my boy Pope Francis. #helltopay
[2] As in a bottle glass of wine, then a whiskey, then a cocktail, then a beer is a bad, bad idea.
[3] The one bottle per person rule is probably a recipe for disaster. #liveandlearn
[4] Word to the wise: rhymes lie.
[5] Mr. Scrooge would be proud.
[6] Start ’em while they’re young. Also, can you say 1%?DSC_0044
[7] This proved true at Château Pape Clément. The Magrez-Baccarat wine glasses were OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. At only €360 a piece, I can’t imagine how I forgot to take a set of 12 home.