Wine and Cheese

When Groupon and LivingSocial first came on the scene, I was a loyal and avid supporter; I would read the emails every day, dutifully buy spaceship-looking egg cookers that I would use once, pay $20 for $45 worth of dry-cleaning in areas I never traveled, buy deals for house cleaners I never hired, etc. etc.[1] And then I got wise; I figured out I was paying lots of money for goods and services I never used. So I did an online shopping detox; I unsubscribed from the emails, saved myself some money, and life went on. But after a while, the emails started again[2], and while I usually don’t open them, sometimes the email RE line is just too good to pass up: “2-Hour Wine Tasting for 2 or 4 with Riedel Glasses.”

File Oct 24, 8 29 02 PMNow, I’ve already bought the $50 for $100 worth of wine deal and got royally screwed. The wine is bad, you pay extra for shipping and you’re on the mailing list For. Ev. Er. But this was different. This was an in person tasting and it included Riedel glasses[3]. So I figured, hey, for $40, I get two hours of wine and two Riedel glasses. How can I go wrong? Well, we lucked out and it turned out to be a great deal. Cousin Heather and I had a lovely afternoon sipping wine and eating gourmet cheese; a perfect way to celebrate our birthdays. And at the end, I took home two Riedel glasses[4]. Though they aren’t the heart shaped barware I covet, and they do have the GrapesWine logo etched on them, I can now say I own some Riedel.

To:                    Alleged Blog Readers
From:              WineEsquire
Date:               October 24, 2015
Wine:     Wine Tasting
While I was well behaved and abstained from buying a case of wine[5], I totally forgot to take photos of the bottles, so I get failing marks for the day[6]. I did take some notes though on what we were drinking though.

We started with a Montesel Prosecco. An excellent way to start the tasting; it was light, crisp and refreshing. I got notes of apples and honey, and it was perfectly light and airy. It came from a single vineyard in Valdobbiadene, Italy.

Next we turned to the Shannon Downes Sanctuary Peak Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. An earthy citrusy white that was a bit too minerally for my taste. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the taste, but after reading the tasting notes it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like I was drinking asparagus. I wonder if it will have the same effect as eating asparagus.

File Oct 24, 8 30 08 PMWe had several more drops of wine, but what was really outstanding about this tasting was the cheese. We had three selections, Alpha Tolman, Brie Fermier and Manchego 1605 from Fairfield/Greenwich Cheese Company. Oh. My. Goodness. The Alpha Tolman was a salty, crunchy cow’s milk cheese. A compromise between hard and creamy. It perfectly mellowed out the intensely peppery Australian blend we drank. The brie was one of the strongest I’ve had though the tasting notes called it “mild” and “approachable.”  Delicious, creamy and pungent, I literally couldn’t get enough[7]. The Manchego was mild mannered and paired well whatever I was drinking every time I popped a bit in my mouth[8].

Two hours later and we were well satiated[9]. So much so that we ventured to the cheese shop around the corner so we could take some home[10]. A LivingSocial success!

Lawyer Footnotes
File Oct 24, 8 35 08 PM
[1] Husband and I took a LivingSocial trip to Middle of Nowhere, New Hampshire right after peak foliage season a few years ago. Not only were there no leaves, there was no decent food or wine for miles. The Onyx Moonshine Gatsby Ball, however, may have been one of the better evenings in recent history. So you just never know.
[2] I swear I don’t know how it happened!
[3] I want a set of Riedel glasses. Really bad. The heart shaped Pinot Noir glasses to be exact.
[4] Because I told Cousin Heather I was keeping both glasses. #sorrynotsorry
[5] Since I just bought a case from LastBottle.
[6] All that wine makes you forget things.
[7] There were three of these cheese boards with the same selection on the table. I may have slipped our neighbor’s remaining brie into my purse. They didn’t touch it and it’s not like they were going to be able to serve it again. #neverwastefood
[8] Which was often.
[9] Cousin Heather was ready for a nap. #lightweight
[10] Stinkiest ride home ever! #stinkycheese