Wine Flies When You’re Having Fun

Exactly one week ago, I was sitting in Queens[1], waiting for my Lyft to bring me to Bordeaux[2]. It’s almost inconceivable what I’ve experienced in the past seven days. Each day was jam packed with wine, châteaux, drones, caviar, foie gras and more wine, but no time for blogging, so hopefully you’ve been following along on Instagram and Twitter. Not to worry though, you can be sure I’ll be reminiscing about this for a long time to come.

For now, a few highlights:

Wine, wine, lots of wineFile Apr 08, 6 35 25 PM File Apr 08, 6 38 20 PM File Apr 08, 6 38 40 PM

Walking tour of Bordeaux with our hilariously epic and extremely knolwedgeable tour guide, Bruno Beurrier

Bruno in all his glory

Official Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux (UGCB) 2015 En Primeur tastings at Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux[3]File Apr 08, 7 04 35 PM

Château d’Yquem[4]DSC_0376

Learning hands-on farming techniques[5] at Château Pape Clément[6]

DSC_0127 (2)

Caviar and Wine Tasting[7]

File Apr 08, 6 59 11 PM

Tour of the Garonne River with Bordeaux River Cruise


Crash course in wine blending at Château La Tour Carnet

File Apr 08, 7 11 40 PM
Winos hard at work

And more importantly, making five new AMAZING wine friends[8].

File Apr 08, 7 15 22 PM

I truly can’t say enough about how amazing it all was[9]. I’m already planning a trip back. Bordeaux is something Husband has to experience, and you really do too! I have so much to tell you about, but for now, I’m going to have to catch a few zzzz’s while I try to ease myself back into reality[10].

But before I go, a HUGE, MASSIVE, EPIC thank you to everyone at Millesima and Bernard Magrez for making this week an epic success. Thank you, Merci Beaucoup, Cheers, Santé, Tchin Tchin!


Lawyer Footnote
[1] And blogging.
[2] Clearly I live tweeted my Lyft adventure. It was my first Lyft and Rafael’s first day as a driver. We picked up a girl and her dog on their way to the nail salon. It was great.
[3] Note: when you’re blogging in a hotel room in Bordeaux, internet search results default to French. #languagebarrier
[4] Period. Full stop. End of story.
[5] #appropriatefootwearforthewin
[6] Also #peacocksFile Apr 08, 6 39 21 PM
[7] Yes. You read that right. I’ve never seen so much caviar in my life, and it was all on my plate.File Apr 08, 7 04 58 PM
[8] Newest members of the international division of #winesquad: Madelyn, Michelle, Jeremy, Mike and Toma!
[9] But since I’m a blogger, I’m going to give it the old college try.
[10] Having to do this twice in a span of thirty days is actually quite exhausting, but it’s a problem I’m willing to deal with!

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