Wine For Thought

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Wine is so many things for so many people. Wine is something to enjoy, to savor, to experience. Some swear they only like red; others think they’re partial only to white, but wine is so much more than a color. It is yearlong snapshot of Mother Nature; touched by countless hands through the growing season, the harvest, the crush, fermentation, then finally captured in a bottle[1]. Wine literally is sunlight held together by water[2].

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But even after it’s in the bottle, the journey isn’t over. How far did your bottle travel to get to you? Did you pick it up at a winery down the road? Or did it travel from the chateau to a warehouse to rest? Did it set sail across the ocean in a container ship? Was it flown on a commercial airline across the country? How long has it been in the bottle? How many months did it rest in an oak barrel or a concrete egg before it even saw the bottling line?

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Each bottle is its own story, something to be appreciated and respected. In our busy lives, it’s too easy to come home[3], pour a glass and drink without tasting, without appreciating. So the next time you take the time to uncork, or unscrew, some of Mother Nature’s beautiful bounty, take a second to pay attention, to recognize what went in to making the miracle you’re sipping. Even if you get just a smidge more enjoyment out of that sip, it’ll be worth it.


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Or a can or a box, whatever the case may be.
[2] If this line is familiar, it’s because our good friend Galileo Galilei penned it all the way back in the 1600s; he was way ahead of his time.
[3] Or go to the bar.File Nov 22, 8 17 30 PM


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