Wine News Roundup


Keeping you up to date with the latest wine news for all your small talk needs.

  1. What’s in Your Wine? Turns out there’s more than just grapes in there. Who knew? Not us, because there’s no label requirements for ingredients[1]. In addition to sulfite and woodchips, there may also be some Mega Purple, egg whites and fish bladders. Wait, what?
  2. You’ve Got Wine. In your mailbox. UPS is starting to ship more wine from France. Thank the Wine Gods! Because bringing seven bottles back in your suitcase is no joke.[2]File Jun 29, 9 18 21 PM
  3. Corkscrew Hacks. Since you never know when you’ll be on a romantic picnic in the park without a corkscrew, or making dinner without a functioning kitchen[3], you’ll want to commit these tactics to memory. Note: This problem would never happen to me because I carry in my purse. And in my glove box. And all over my house.
  4. The World’s Best Wine Costs $6. Yup. For real. And no, we don’t have it in America. Isn’t that unfair?
  5. Wine Theme Park Opens in Bordeaux. It’s been called the Disney World of Wine. I saw it from the outside while I was there and I’m pretty sure it looks like a slug. The inspiration was the swirl of wine in a glass. You be the judge. I can’t wait to go.

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Lawyer Footnotes
[1] #lawyerlife
[2] #backproblems Not to mention the #baggagefee $$
[3] A functioning kitchen would clearly have a corkscrew. #amateurs