Work-Life-Balance and the Perfect Lawyer Wine

As far as The Firm goes, I’m pretty lucky. The lawyers I work with actually have a good Work Life Balance.[1] AbovetheLaw[2] recently featured a cruel April Fools email that a BigLaw Partner sent to his BigLaw Associates about how his BigLaw firm was going to take their Work Life Balance problems seriously. Only he was lying. Fecked up, right? That’s really not how things work for me at IMG_5427The Firm.[3] When the other Young Associates and I had to gather for a “very important” meeting this week, we thought nothing of bringing in wine and beer[4] to the conference room to keep us going. And when I had to go back to work after said meeting and didn’t leave the office until 8:45 p.m., it was an anomaly.[5] I’m also fortunate that my colleagues like to imbibe as much[6] as I do.[7] I’ve even told some of them about my blog.

To:                  Alleged Blog Readers
From:             WineEsquire
Date:               April 8, 2015
Wine:              19 Crimes 2011 Red Wine Review
I get a musty sweetness on the nose. Almost smells like funky sweet feet. When I taste, I get a thick mouthful of a great medium-bodied wine. There are definitely notes of licorice and cranberry,[8] and the funky feet are nowhere to be found. It IMG_5435has a nice smooth finish and I’m left with a very pleasant aftertaste. I ate a big lunch in between meetings, so I’m not having this with any food, though I think it would pair well with cheese.[9] Now that I think about it, it pairs exceptionally well with pieces of French baguette smothered with duck liver pate.[10] If you’re a lawyer[11], you need to buy this wine. Stat. I can’t wait to find more Crimes!

Wine Dossier
For WineWednesday[12], I chose a very lawyer appropriate wine by 19 Crimes. Having no idea what this was about, I’m delightfully surprised at how fitting this wine is for my lawyer wine blog. The story behind the name 19 Crimes is fascinating. We’ve all heard the folklore about Australia being home to convicts back in the day, but I didn’t realize that Britain delineated 19 specific crimes, punishment for which was transportation to Australia rather than death.[13] Could there be a more perfect wine for lawyers? I think not. The wine labels bear the photos of real convicts convicted under these 19 crimes and the corks bear the text of the crimes themselves. This cork was for Crime 17: “Watermen carrying too many passengers on the Thames, if any drowned.” Crazy.

This particular bottle was their 2011 Red Wine. Obviously this was a blend of grapes, but the label doesn’t tell me what varietals went into the bottle. For an unidentifiable red blend, this was an awesome find.[14] You can get a bottle of various vintages for between $7 and $13, so whether you’re drinking alone on a Wednesday night, or you use it as a conversation piece at your next lawyer party, this is definitely a solid purchase.


Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Well, those who want a good work life balance have it. Work–Life Balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation). Thanks Wikipedia.
[2] For you non-lawyers/law students, AbovetheLaw is essentially a legal news (read: gossip) website about BigLaw around the country. I was addicted in law school, but have dropped off the wagon a bit since I’ve been in practice.
[3] That’s not to say that my email stops between the hours of 11:00 p.m. Friday and 6:00 a.m. Monday. See Fecked Up Email.
[4] And pizza.FullSizeRender4
[5] Even though I’ll be working for a few more hours tonight, I’m not an eighty hour a week zombie lawyer.
[6] Almost.
[7] My official job title is Social Coordinator. I’m in charge of planning happy hour. Pretty sweet gig.
[8] Cranberry isn’t even on my Wine Wheel, I found that on my own!
[9] I think life pairs well with cheese.
[10] Monday Night Dinner Party leftovers…obviously.
[11] Or if you just like wine…
[12] This is apparently a very big day for the wine community and I’m happy to play my part. See Instagram, #WineWednesday.
[13] Hence the name, 19 Crimes.
[14] For purposes of full disclosure, this was my first sample review bottle. I did not pay for this wine. That’s fun.