Workin’ Weekends

Working weekends is kind of par for the course for attorneys, at least those in private practice.[1] My firm is not the type where you need to be IN the office doing your work, as long as your work gets done.[2] Since I have a bit of a commute[3], I rarely make appearances in the office on weekends, but I usually spend at least a few hours doing something or other that didn’t get finished during the week.[4] IMG_6133

This weekend’s work was trademark stuff so it was actually pretty fun. It doesn’t hurt that at the tail end of it Husband and I cracked a delicious bottle of Anjou and sat outside on this glorious “summer” day.[5]

To:                  Alleged Blog Readers
From:              WineEsquire
Date:               May 17, 2015
Wine:              2013 Famille Bougrier Anjou
This wine is the palest of yellows. It’s really more of a clear liquid with just a tinge of pale yellowish green. There are absolutely no legs. Sometimes I think there are no legs and then they appear. This one was totally devoid of the droplets that cascade down the glass. Interesting.

On the nose I get citrus and fresh herbs,[6] maybe even some fresh cut grass.[7] This wine is a mouthful of smooth and refreshing deliciousness. On the full-bodied end, thick on the palate, especially given that this is a white. It’s crisp yet buttery smooth. Perhaps similar to a chardonnay but different in its own way. The fairly short finish has a tinge of sour berries, in a very pleasing way.

At the $11 price point, there’s no reason why lawyers of all incomes and practice areas shouldn’t go get a bottle. It’s about to get hot, so you need at least one white or Rosé chilling in the fridge at all times.[8]

IMG_6148Wine Dossier
It’s actually unclear from the label what the type of wine is and who produced it.[9] When I used the Google, I eventually found them, Famille Bougrier.[10] This is a French Anjou wine[11] from the Loire Valley[12]. The website is one of those quaint sites with blurry pictures and pages in English straight out of Google Translator[13]. Makes me think that these vintners don’t have time for smart phones and laptops, they’re too busy making delicious wine! Definitely the type of winery you’d want to visit on a wine tour[14] so you can meet the owner and their offspring who will run it until their children are old enough to take over.

Anjou is another region within Loire Valley. Within Anjou are several Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC)s[15] where a variety of varietals are planted but with a focus on sweeter white grapes. The Chenin Blanc grape was used to make this particular wine.[16] Traditionally this is a Loire Valley grape but they are grown elsewhere throughout the world.

Lawyer Footnotes
[1] Rumor has it that government lawyers and in house counsel work 9 to 5. Sounds fun.
[2] Although there are a select few who are there faithfully, each and every weekend. I am not one of them. Thank you, Dell and Apple.
[3] 37 minutes on a good day with no school buses and all green lights. Usually I make it in 42.
[4] Other times its entire weekends of work, but we won’t dwell on those times.
[5] Spring has been weird this year. Sometimes it’s in the 40s, sometimes the 60s, last weekend when we hosted Mother’s Day, the 90s, today, the 80s. As long as it’s above freezing, I’m not complaining.
[6] It’s ever so slightly possible that the scents I’m picking up were influenced by the fresh lemonade I had hand squeezed just an hour earlier (complete with blueberries and fresh mint).
[7] We were drinking this outside, though the lawn has not recently been cut. #notmyjob
[8] In case of emergency.
[9] Surprise, surprise. #FrenchWine
[10] To be fair, the name is on the neck label, but I confess I didn’t notice it at first.
[11] So the label is pretty much impossible to decipher without the Google.
[12] Per Wikipedia, Loire Valley is “[k]nown for its vineyards, fruit orchards, and artichoke and asparagus fields.” Throw in a little chicken and voilà, the perfect diet.
[13] Fun fact: “Wine Esquire” translates to “Vin Esquire” in French. Esquire is one of those French words we stole and incorporated into our language, like rendezvous, carte blanche and au gratin.
[14] It’s definitely on my bucket list to do one of these French wine vacations. In Italy too. And Australia. And South Africa. Oh, and Napa.
[15] The French version of the Italian DOCG, see Sunday Funday and Another Barbera, Wine Dossier, and the American AVA, see Solitary Dining, Wine Dossier and Lawyer Footnotes, n. 12.
[16] I found this information on the back of the label in a not so easy to find place.

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