You Are Cordially Invited…

WineEsquire would like to cordially invite you, my dear Alleged Blog Readers, to participate in the #Under25Challenge. You may recall that I began this adventure in December, and based on how much fun it was, I’ve decided to turn it into a regular thing. Each month I’m going to pop ‘round to a new liquor store, make a new wine friend, and buy a wine I’ve never experienced.

File Jan 10, 4 55 59 PMIt’s probably a good idea for you to do the same thing, that way we can all have fun together.

On the third Tuesday of each month from 8 to 9pm EST[1], we’ll all get together on Twitter and talk about our #Under25Challenge wines; what store you went to, whether your new wine friend was any good, and more importantly, what kind of wine you bought and how it tastes! Sound fun? I thought so. My fellow wine-loving lawyer friend, T.L. Summerville, is going to help me co-host the chat. I think you’ll like him. He likes wine. A lot.

File Jan 10, 4 56 17 PMWe’ll be starting this month on Tuesday, January 19, 2016[2]. To join in on the wine fun, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to new liquor store;
  2. Ask a new wine friend there to recommend their favorite and/or best bottle in the store. Note that the price must be $25.00 or under;[3]
  3. Buy said Wine;
  4. Save it for #Under25Challenge Twitter Chat;
  5. Follow @WineEsquire and T.L. Summerville on the Tweeter;
  6. Be near your Tweeting Device at 8 p.m. EST;
  7. Uncork that bottle, pour a glass, drink up and Tweet with us;
  8. Repeat next month.

File Jan 10, 4 55 31 PMI can’t wait for our #Under25Challenge adventure. I’ll be on the hunt for a fun, new wine shop in the coming weeks and hope you do the same. Tell all your wine friends and we’ll have a grand old time!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming: Wine!

Lawyer Footnotes[1] Can’t be up too late, WineEsquire needs her beauty rest.
[2] I’d send you a calendar invite, but I feel like that may be complicated.
[3] Or in that general ball park, depending on your budget.

7 thoughts on “You Are Cordially Invited…

  1. Very cool, but we will be sleeping at 8PM EST. Having said that, we would be delighted to offer conments regarding a relevant bottle pre or post-event. Salud to sipping ‘n snacking lawyers. Greetings @buzzzz_off

    1. Love that idea! Just make sure to use the hashtag #Under25Challenge and we’ll keep the conversation going! Cheers!

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